November 13th, 2008



So I'm not sleeping very well at the moment. I have that very alertness feeling when I go to bed which I think is most likely due to the switch in coffees - I'm now drinking two double shot coffees a day. That's 4 cups of coffee where I was normally drink 2 plus change.

Last night though, I had an odd dream in which a bunch of people randomly had irish accents. Like, I wasn't in Ireland and the accents didn't seem particularly relevant to the plot.


NaNo - and finding momentum

So I've ticked off 60, maybe 61, tasks so far this month. I should be at 90. But it's now getting to the pointy end of it all where pretty much the final 140 tasks are all totally and utterably horrible. As opposed to the first 60, which were only mildly so.

However, I find myself pressing on and getting a bit of momentum on it all. My life is sorta snowballing along into organised and prepared in a very odd sort of way. My house looks very tidy and last night I totally did this DIY thing just so that I could have the job done and the area tidied up, and neither were even on the to do list. And I'm just *doing* tasks if they are the next logical thing.

Case in point: I just sorted out the claim and repairs for a car accident I had in *May* but couldn't *deal* with till ... apparently NOW. But .. just done it! And later tonight I'll organise to get the car booked in to have the bumper replaced too. And one day, I will also sort the scratches down the side and the stupid spikey plants in my driveway what did them!

There's no reward either for this November action - normally there is a bribe or prize. kathrynlinge and I are going to have a facial just before Christmas as an end of year thing and I'm thinking it will be nice to just relax that day, knowing I have my life in hand, there are no procrastinatory things to feel guilty about and everything is up to date and organised.

A girl can dream!

Sneak Peek For Shiny Issue 4 - Out now!

Bren MacDibble makes her second appearance at Shiny with this story, set against the exotic backdrop of Bali, it's a little bit SF, a little bit Fantasy. Here's a taste of it.

Being Bella Wang
by Bren MacDibble

I'd felt her presence ever since the plane touched down in Bali and still I jumped at my name.

“Sienna!” A frail figure swanned across the green, hips jutting through a lime silk slip-dress.

A row of black shadow puppets danced across the hem at her knees. Her chest was
impossibly bony. The silk gaped, unfilled, and her sinewy feet were bare on the fine grass.

“Juliet?” She’d always been thin but this was the wasted body and disaffected pose of one of the starvation cults.

I dropped my putter and hurried towards her. She stretched out her hands, and when I took them they were cold, bizarre in the mugginess of a Balinese morning.

I pulled her to me, whole again after so long apart. She was stiff in my embrace and returned it with just one arm to my back, then pulled away. It hurt. She seemed shorter than me now, beyond the height given to me by golf cleats, but that was
impossible. We were genetically identical.

“Sienna, you softy,” she said. “How goes the golfing life?”

“It’s good enough I suppose.” The old arguments came back to me.

“I hear you’re the favourite for the junior strokeplay tomorrow. The Mother must be
pleased.” Juliet had never regarded the original Bella Wang as a mother, just as The Mother.

“She’s here you know.” I nodded at the clubhouse.

Juliet’s cool pose broke and she glanced towards the clubhouse.

I enjoyed a moment of evil glee until I saw her face in profile.

You can grab your copy of Issue 4 of Shiny from the website. Issue 5 will be out in very early December.



Damn you people who write stuff that piques my interest in the first paragraph and then the scan of the first page. *shakes fist*

Damn you because now I am behind with the slushing cause I have to read a ton of stuff.


Hard Day

I had a very hard day. Hardest in a while.

Stuff happened, in all directions.

The movie went how I expected it to go - hopefully next time I say "I don't do Holocaust movies", he'll understand. Now I am hoping I don't have nightmares - he's gone home (not because of me).

Other than that - had chinese for dinner, got to ride in J's new car, got to see Robin and bought some books. Had a nice glass of wine. Forced J to watch the finale of Bachelorette in exchange for the stuff he had made me watch.

Oh and had a bad OCD moment tonight. That wasn't nice. Hopefully it has passed now.