November 15th, 2008


Afternoon at the Wesselys

I'm supposed to be working right now. Let's see ... I have a red pen. I have a manuscript in front of me waiting to be read. I have novellas to slush. I have short stories to slush. I have short stories to edit. I have a very long to do list to do. And yet? I think I might knit ...

I volunteered to stay home with T's eldest whilst she and the youngest went to a my little ponies party. These were the instructions:

T: Just one thing dude, Alisa won't wipe your bottom
Me: Yep, that's true
*thinking ... just as well she mentioned that!*

So ... it's not *quiet* here yet and so far I've made four rounds of fairybread. We'll see how this goes ... I suddenly do not have high hopes.


This is my tally kinda going into the weekend:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
71 / 224

I should be at 112.

I am very sleepy today - I don't know why. I didn't wake up till 9.40 this morning which is unlike me. I've had two coffees and it doesn't seem to be helping. This weekend I am down at editormum's place for a two day TPP workshop. Course it's nearly 4pm and we've debriefed and sorted one or two things but yeah ... we have like a 10 item long agenda. And I'm sleepy! And I'm heading home lunchtimish tomorrow too. I have no idea how I think I will get all the things on lists I make done sometimes.

And I packed everything I need for a knitting project *except* knitting needles! Gah!! We just did an emergency swing by Spotlight to amend. Two hours at cricket tomorrow morn - that's a heck of a lot of knitting I could do.

(no subject)

So editormum has spent the day painstakingly building up the TPP website from scratchish. It's not our final goal product but it will be a good stopgap working measure for handling sales and for access of submission guidelines and project status notices and so on. Anyway, this has meant that she has spent the day going through most of my other websites with a fine toothcomb.


Anyway, so she's going through ASif! which admittedly there are parts of that are a bit dusty (website upgrades are on the Nov To Do List) and she's objecting to the listing of a particular email adress (for logistical reasons).

T: Can we use [diff address] instead?
Me: No that goes to Kathryn - she deals with all my hate mail.
T: *blinks and stares*
T: Do you *get* a lot of hate mail?
Me: I dunno, I used to
T: Maybe Kathryn shields you from it
Me: Maybe so, maybe so.