November 16th, 2008


Paul Haines Donation Tally

Thanks to the wonderful support of the Scary Food Cookbook, the Haines Donation Tally has hit and surpassed $25 000!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,495 / 20,000

There are still a few copies of this revolting stomach churning atrocity, so if you want one, grab one here or from Fantastic Planet and help shove the tally up to the $26 000 mark.

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So I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that I worked so hard I broke my brain or that it's been such a long time since I worked this hard that the feeling is foreign to me. Seriously. We just worked like 20 hours straight with about 7 hours sleep break in between (and deviations for amusing children, when needed).

I got home just before 5pm, took a bath and then had to take a *nap*. I do. not. nap. Ever. J was supposed to be popping in for a coffee 6/7ish and much as I would love to share witty repartee, my eyelids are totally heavy and struggling to stay up. But now he is dropping in at 8.30/9pm so ... am waiting to let him in. Am hoping he will remove the spider I just rediscovered. It's a room closer to my bedroom so on that kind of time line trajectory ... it's a couple of weeks, yeah? till he finds my bedroom and that ain't cool.

We did get a ton of things done though. I can't quite believe it. editormum has serious contract writing mojo. This morning she sorted out every kind of contract we need at TPP. I was pretty damn impressed. She also went over every bit of TPP - trawled all over the net and through blogs and in and out of email accounts - and somehow copied and pasted it all into something resembling respectable. We got ourselves a publishing house, y'all! Then she yelled at me for a bit which resulted in some getting rid of some of my tasks but also adding new ones.

As for me, I crossed off about 10 things from my list but they were horrible nasty tasks. ASif! is now running up to date. All our Shiny and New Ceres slush is sorted. The exact overhaul I am going to do for ASif! is plotted out. I dealt with some emails that have been needing to be written for a very long time. And we got some house standard type things sorted.

The ASif! review team are talking all things ASif Fairy for our end of year wind up. And they are talking all things good for presents which is both yay and exciting and also ... omg it is really nearly the end of the yeah, huh?

And I have an announcement but that can have it's very own post.

Twelfth Planet Press Announcement

Twelfth Planet Press is excited to announce the forthcoming publication of the second novella in our ongoing series: Robot War Espresso by Robert Hood. This YA science fiction novella, packed full of exploding robots and coffee, will be launched at Conjecture, the Australian SF National Convention, in Adelaide, June 5-8, 2009.

Robert Hood's new collection of short stories Creeping in Reptile Flesh was recently launched at Conflux 5. The collection is gathered around a loose theme dictated by the title story — a 20,000 word novella — in which one man embarks on an investigation into a maverick Member of Parliament whose eccentric exterior may hide the seeds of apocalypse. Creeping in Reptile Flesh is available from the Twelfth Planet Press website. Hood also blogs daily about giant monsters, ghosts, zombies and general weird stuff at Undead Backbrain.