November 17th, 2008


Bad scientist!

I totally forgot that I had a site visit scheduled for today. Well, more like, I agreed to do it and then never actually took in the when and where etc. So I rocked up at work today and my email calendar told me I was going out on site in 30mins. And I was not dressed for it! Lucikly I had on reasonable-ish shoes and long black skirt and the site wasn't too natural and pristine.

In other news, I am suffering from hayfever/asthma so that must mean that the air is pretty bad as I don't normally suffer unless it's just crazy town. And I'm not sleeping - either from the hayfever/asthma or too much coffee, not enough down time before bed, too hot. I dunno. But I feel rotten. I tossed and turned all last night and the night before. It's early to bed for me tonight. Straight after counselling - which I really do not feel like doing.

J came round last night and manly removed the spider, which he agreed was *enormous*. He told me he was not going to kill it but would put it in my garden. "Put it in someone else's garden," I replied. And I watched him from the bedroom window and he really did walk down the street and put it in someone else's garden. How nice is that?

That's my news. Pretty boring, sorry. I think I brokenated my brain on the weekend.


More details/chores

These are not actually *on* my to do list but this getting things done is kinda addictive. So oh lj brain, does anyone know where and how you can replace the metal coffee filter thing in home coffee machines? And also does anyone know how or where you can get hooks and eye replacements for bras (because yes I am naughty and I almost never use the bra bag when I wash)


Australian Idol

The great tragedy is that in how ever many years they have done this, I have never ever heard a winner's single that I wanted to buy.

The songs are always always really sub par.

In space, noone can hear you scream

So all day I was promising myself I would do the day, do the counselling, come home and go to bed. Course, by the time I ran errands after work, went to counselling, discovered I am currently happy and well adjusted and living a good life, and then got antihistamines, came home, spent 30 minutes sorting ASif! things, made dinner, made some of my food to take to work tomorrow, did the dishes and came in to go to bed ... well, I'm wide awake now, aren't I?

I'm also nicely (or not really) burnt on my face from the field trip today.

I'm even up to a bit of craft and more work. But I think I am going to get back to reading a story that came across my desk that I am thoroughly enjoying. Darn slush that demands I read it to the very final end! Darn you and your lack of instant rejection-ness!