November 18th, 2008



I took no prisoners last night - took my antihistamine (they gave me nondrowsy!!) at 6.30 and then two panadol before bed and was so excited when the first time I looked at the clock it was 5.30am and I really did feel like I'd been sleeping.

So I am ready and raring to go today which is just as well because I have a ton of work to do, and the gym and I think a dinner for looneymoth who is deserting our foursome! :-(

I also have to do 59 tasks to bring me back on NaNoXMo track. Here's the score:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
82 / 236

(Am hovering round the 35% done mark though I have added about 64 tasks since I began)

So .. gonna kick work butt now and get a bunch of these files off my desk.

But first I am enjoying my first cup of joe for the day - Hazelnut creme. I am so into the work espresso machine. We have it down to a fine art and the coffee is good and I think that means I am saving money. And on top of that, I am forcing myself to drink all the remnant coffee that I have in my freezer and other places at home *before* I buy a new block. I keep looking enviously at A_'s freshly opened Five Senses coffee but I will remain strong! And my first cup of freshly opened Five Senses coffee will be glorious! (Though I might go back to Tiger Tiger and grab bag of their Fiori - the world is my coffee bean!!)

On rewrites

About a year ago now, cassiphone wrote me a story for New Ceres Issue 3. It's called "Prosperine When it Sizzles". It's a great story - saucy and naughty and moves the New Ceres world along just a tad. She picks up on the La Duchesse/Pepin pair and has yet more fun.

It's a great story but since we had time, we asked her to "up the sexual tension" in the story a bit, among some other things. So, recently, she sent the reworked version back as it is now going to be in the anthology instead.

And I'm in the bath (which is where I seem to be slushing for this project), lazying back and sipping a coffee in my bubbles and suds (which are not actually unrelated to this particular story) and I come across this:

Damn it, my cock had hardened. I was a bare inch from brushing his hip with it, which would hardly be conducive to civil conversation.

Which, you can't argue, certainly *does* up the tension.

It's just that ... she keeps throwing stuff (and I mostly just mean the "c" word) like that into stories she writes for me - I refer to the shower scene in her story in 2012 - and it makes me blush! Not at the word but at *Tansy* using it!!!

Anyway ... just the average day working on New Ceres.


task list

I really really really wanted to crack the 100 mark before bed today but it was not to be. I sit at 95. Tomorrow though, beyond-100 is Mine Baby!!

On the upside, my inbox only has 60 emails sitting in it. I feel generally on top of things at the 70 mark but one of the items on the to do list is to get it down to 40. Tomorrow could be that day too!