November 21st, 2008


Things - in no apparent order

1. J came round last night. He was feeling sorry for himself as he dealt with Man Flu. I made him coffee and fed him choc covered snakes. We started watching a bit of The Shining but I flicked the channel after J left cause yo, creepy kid! I ain't watching that by myself! I am, though, intending to watch A Clockwork Orange tonight, since I've never seen it and that's a travesty. J is much cooler than me in film knowledge. *pouts* Must work on that.

2. Change is coming to the Last Short Story on Earth project. And that's cool.

3. I am still working on delegation. I keep forgetting to do it! Change is coming to ASif! And that's cool too.

4. I like coffee. I always have one now at work at 9am and then count down the minutes till I can have my second one at lunchtime.

5. I am going batty here at work due to the noise level and distractions as my colleague makes preparation for a workshop. You'd think noone ever had done this before and that it was the most important job EVA. I have shut my door, put loud music on - which is NOT conducive to thinking important, legalese type thoughts. I might go home to work this afternoon because I just cannot cope.

6. I am very very sore. I had a really hard pilates class AND training last night. I hurt everywhere.

7. I am going to have a tuna and cheese melted sandwich for lunch.



I had a bizarre and very detailed dream last night in which I was part of an expat family living a very decadent life in Argentina.


I watched Letterman before going to bed and was reading slush that was nothing at all like the above.


Victory is mine!

So the other day, editormum was trying to convince me that I should get into audio books. Her argument is plausibly good - that I drive 30 mins to and from work every day and instead of listening to joyful and invigorating music, I could be productive and get some reading done. Her eldest's piping up in the back to agree that he was really enjoying Meg Cabot on their long drives up the freeway sort of convinced me.

T: Yes, go check out your local library
Gj:, My ... local library ... you say?
T: Oh you are bad!

So yesterday I had a free moment after training and I thought I would also go and commit to my 2009 Diary and Wall Calendar and admit that I am planning things in 2009 and may as well do it without accidentally double booking. So off I hied my tail to my local library.

And ha ha!!

Vindication as to why I have not set foot in it for at least 5 years and that was because I needed to call the RAC because I locked my keys in my car. Because? My local library SUCKS! Yes they have an audio books section but they look like a collection for retired dads. Yes they have a very long section for fantasy and science fiction but all the books and titles looked *really* old. And generally the whole place looked sparse. People seemed to be only in there to use the internet and the librarians were calling out and chatting across the room and clearly not caring about the SHHHHHH.

And. Wait for it. Much as I looked and searched and then looked some more.





What's a library with NO young adult section? And they *used* to have one cause that's what I used to borrow when I was ... more of the young and less of the adult.

I left much depressed at the state of that "library". I'm pretty sure there are a couple of others in my local shire so I will go and see what they are like. Though, they have to be local enough that I can easily return my borrowings on time. And of course when I complained to J about this, he says, "Oh I have a great library. I have too many borrowed books right now."

How did I get out of the habit of going to the library? This is not how my mother raised me!

In other news, I committed to a new 2009 diary. Same brand as my 2008 but with ... SHOES!!! And I got a really funky wall calendar. Tonight I am going to do the big transcribe of birthdays etc and put in all my booked appointments etc. Woo hoo!! New year kinda stuff.