November 24th, 2008


GUFF - last chance!!!

Voting closes today for GUFF. Timing means that it closes somewhere in the world at some point in time. So if you are reading this and you intend to vote and haven't yet, do it now. (Unless you are reading this from the future, in which case, don't bother, it's all over red rover).

Go here and make with the clicky:

To all those who have voted, or will before the end of today, thanks for supporting the Fan Fund!


Getting stuff done

I ended up working from home today because my car is in for repairs and the backup car (my sister's spare one - for sale and has been for a while) turned out to be unreliable.

My team leader was unimpressed that I didn't catch the bus in instead but frankly I couldn't face doing all that (we don't actually have a bus service to work) and then have to struggle through another day of trying to critically read AND have my officemate literally yelling things not 2m away from me. I nearly went to pieces last week with her, she was just out of line. Others mentioned it to her and I closed my door to make a point of how distracting she was. But none of it mattered and I got hardly anything done. I couldn't believe the difference - I started work at 8.30 and got so much done before mid morning. What a joy to think in silence! Sadly, I have a different car lined up for tomorrow.

I also did a bunch of things I have been putting up. Made several phonecalls - I hate making phonecalls. I really don't know why - I am fine when I do them but oh the internal drama to get myself to make them. I finally mustered up the courage to organise some workmen for some things that need to be done at my house. And the urgency was the booking them and not *when* they were booked *for* which mildly amused me.

And I set up my printer. No idea why that has taken a year to do. It works fine, needs more toner, but otherwise no dramas.

And I finally switched on messagebank on my phone - cause my answering machine takes messages but doesn't pass them along.

I really don't know why all these things were so *hard* to do. They each only took less than 5 minutes.

Much to do

I have so much to do, including getting up and making dinner for myself, yet I sit here sipping a glass of wine. Which admittedly does not totally suck.

And since the last post, I have had someone come over and quote for the jobs I have at home that need sorting. And I found the thing in pantry that *smells*. I thought I got it the other day, especially after practically cleaning out the whole cupboard but no, I missed a shelf. A crucial self as it happens. Sorted now though. Yay.

Feeling weird as my life is rapidly getting sorted. All my crafts are nearly organised. Most of my house is now tidy and uncluttered. And soon I think my owed reviews will start getting written. I even only have 248 shorts left to read for LSS 2008.

I soon will face my fear about what happens when you are on top of your life.

Every now and then I still catch myself putting off something (like picking something up and putting it away) so I have something to do later. I am weird.



as I am discovering, the to do lists never actually get any shorter. There's always more things that need to be done.

And that's okay as long as I don't feel so behind and I get to enjoy the feeling of getting things done.


gmail themes

Have you chosen a gmail theme?

I went for "Beach" and it gradually changes colours all through the day starting with pinks and oranges for sunrise, moving through greens and blues and then browns and now, with sunset, it's back through pinks.

I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a bit creepy.