November 27th, 2008


up down, up down

I've been at work for nearly an hour already. This is actually a great shock to my system. I am, however, drinking a fantastic cup of coffee. I don't think I can ever go back to the coffee I used to drink before.

It occurs to me, after my sad post last night, that actually it's been a few days since I ate protein. That could, um, have been a factor! Will attempt to rectify that today.

Also, I am sitting on all kinds of news and announcements that aren't ready to be made. I hate it when other people blog that kind of stuff but there you go ...

The really weird thing is that we have almost locked down all our TPP projects for 2009. It's really weird. We will almost not be slushing next year. There's editing and layout and print deadlines. And the financials. But, pretty much, we know what all our projects are and look like. LSS is going to be streamlined a bit. I am thinking this will actually involve *more* reading for me and not *less* - as there will be less skimming and more time or enjoying the works that this year I am kinda skimming through this week, which I would have liked to have enjoyed. But mostly, I'm wondering just what projects I am going to spend my time on next year. I have some ideas ...


Australian Politics

"Look I have nothing against gay people. This story has been set up by a
few extreme feminists who hate our guts,'' he told The Australian Online.",25197,24710485-2702,00.html

"If you are asking me if I hate homosexuals, I just think that's ridiculous," he said.

"People don't have to be... they can change. We've got a document we've put together with former gays and lesbians.

"But I am very passionate about marriage. Some of them were people who have come to us after that lifestyle."

He suggested lesbians may be women who are sexually abused by men and suffer a "gender wound" that triggers homosexuality.

This is from Mr Williams, president of the Lone Fathers Association, Kevin Rudd's men's health ambassador.

Marsh's group has a website <> where it has brought together people "who believe in the natural biological family. The best way to protect children is for children to be brought up by a loving mother and father who are married." On the site, you'll find a quite loathsome document <> called "21 Reasons Why Gender Matters".

The above is taken from an email sent to me from a Crikey article.

The more Kevin Rudd acts as Prime Minister the less I feel comfortable with the decisions and choices he makes. Yes, I know he is better than what we voted out but he is becoming more and more to be the Howard Lite to me. And it makes me sad.

Wading knee deep, soon to be thigh high

Work is full on. Last Short Story is full on.

I am tired and cranky (you may have noticed).

I got my car back this morning and that was nice. It was a huge inconvenience which is why I put it off for so long but it's really nice to see a shiny, complete front bumper again.

It reminds me of what the man who came to quote for some work he's going to do for me (yay I will put the dryer on the wall after a year etc) said. He looked at my front courtyard and remarked, "doesn't this make you depressed to come home to every day?" Which reminded me how you get so used to clutter, mess and jobs undone. And this month has really helped to move along all those things and has meant that lots of bits of my home and life have become organised and clear and clean and it makes me happy. You don't tend to notice how often you look at things left undone and how seeing them makes you feel bad/depressed/guilty/ashamed. And I didn't notice till the feeling was removed how present it was. And so ... that is the same with the car bumper - I am no longer reminded of the accident and that I need to get it fixed. And so, I am finally having those tree stumps removed from my front courtyard and I look forward to not being depressed every day when I get home.


Twelfth Planet Press Announcement

Twelfth Planet Press is pleased to announce that the third novella in our ongoing series will be a hardboiled urban fantasy detective story by Peter M Ball. (Warning: may contain unicorns and a formerly dead person)

Peter M Ball is an exciting writer, recently appearing in Jack Dann's Dreaming Again with his story "The Last Great House of Isla Tortuga" and in Fantasy with "On the Finding of Photographs of My Former Loves." His novella will be released by Twelfth Planet Press in the second half of 2009.