November 28th, 2008



Actually? Believe it or not, I think the GUFF discussion is done. Hopefully everyone who wanted to weigh in and offer a perspective did so and I don't think that we all have to agree on stuff anyway. Thanks for commenting, if you did. I have walked away with a lot to think about.

So ahh ... yes. *whistle*

*bit of some soft shoe*

I'm actually going to start my campaign for Ditmar voting today: ROCK THE DITMAR VOTE! I think what we all learned from the US election was overkill ensures the right person wins. And ah ... yeah. I am about to shove 2008, the SF year that was, done your internets for the next however long it is till we vote. But just on Fridays. I expect it will be iterative as I know I will miss things that are eligible. Feel free to point them out. Feel free to tell me what else happened this year. I want to see the most diverse ballot we have ever had and get the biggest voter turnout ever as well and that means you should not be shy or bashful - if you think you did something that is eligible, email me! Or get your friend to email me! I will not disclose who made any of the suggestions that I will discuss here. I am far more interested in the rigour of coverage than on personal or special interests.

I'm going to start with some easy things first and then build up to the more difficult ones later on.

Rock the Ditmar Vote: Category Novels

Okay, so I think this is often the hardest category to feel qualified to vote in simply because ... novels are long and there are often a lot that are eligible in each year. And only a few of us could ever get the voting ballot when it comes out and then go and read the selection in order to feel informed enough to vote.

Here's the thing though: How many people out there equally favour all three subgenres - fantasy, science fiction and horror? Me, I am a hard core science fiction fan but I do like the odd fantasy or horror novel. It's fair to say though that there would be many fantasy quest trilogies out there that would not be my cup of tea. And it would be unlikely that I would really need to read something like that in order to feel qualified to select my favourite novel from the short list.

So this is where reviews come in handy. And a targeted, strategic approach to the ballot in order to vote for what *you* liked the most and thought was the best read.

Therefore, in a three part series, here is the first - the Science Fiction Novels. Below is the list of sf novels considered by the Aurealis Awards. If you come across something that is not here, please let me know and we will add it to the list (the AAs list is what was nominated and entered for consideration. There may be some discrepancies). Additionally, I know several of these books are still out for review over at ASif! so I will repeat this post later on with additional reviews links.

If you're a science fiction reader, how 'bout adding a few that appeal to your Christmas holidays reading pile?

Adrian Bedford, Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait (EDGE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY PUBLISHING)
John Birmingham Without Warning (PAN MACMILLAN)
Jack Dann The Economy of Light (PS PUBLISHING (GREAT BRITAIN))
Laney Cairo Running the Nullarbor: Book 1 of the The Australis Liminus Series (TORQUERE PRESS)
Marianne De Pierres Chaos Space (HACHETTE LIVRE AUSTRALIA)
Sabrina Desouze The Catarbie Conspiracy: Book 1 of the Houkura Series (SABRINA DESOUZA)
Greg Egan Incandescence (HACHETTE LIVRE AUSTRALIA)
Dirk Flinthart Angel Rising (TWELFTH PLANET PRESS)
Simon Haynes Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch (FREMANTLE PRESS)
Sylvia Kelso Amberlight (JUNO BOOKS)
Val Maudson 10 000 Years (TEMPLE HOUSE/SID HARTA)
Karen Miller Stargate SG 1: Do NO Harm (FANDEMONIUM BOOKS)
Jeff Pages The Mind of the Dolphins (ZEUS PUBLICATIONS)
K E Perrott Infinity 48 (KE PERROTT)
Matthew Reilly The Six Sacred Stones (PAN MACMILLAN)
Graham Sharp Paul The Battle of the Hammer Worlds (Helfort's War: BOOK 2) (DEL REY)
Sean Williams Star Wars: The Force Unleased (TITAN BOOKS)
Sean Williams Earth Ascendent (HACHETTE LIVRE AUSTRALIA)

NB: The Aurealis Awards do not have a category for novellas and so the two novellas above are eligible in the novels category. The Ditmars have a novella category so it is likely that Angel Rising and The Economy of Light would be considered in that category and not the novel.

You lost me


I can't play in the GUFF debate anymore - not when people are arguing the right to be able to vote for dead bodies.


Please please please count me out.

I just want to ask those who have asked me to see a different perspective to Norah's nomination than the one I presented, to see my speaking out from a different one other than that of sour grapes, as I have seen it referred to as elsewhere. Had Norah been removed from the ballot, or the rules changed to 18+ only, Sue Ann and Trevor still would have thoroughly whipped my ass. I'd also like to prevent further replies in comments to an of the GUFF posts about any suggestions that the rules be changed as I have not made any.