November 29th, 2008

ball of yarn

ball of yarn

I'm going to be the last to finish LSS this year. And I think I'm the only one still reading. It's lonely. And yes, I should have spent the week doing *this* fannish thing instead of, well, other things. I decided to sit down with a gin and tonic for this penultimate LSS spurt. I've never had a G&T before but bought myself a bottle last time through duty free cause I thought that might be a drink I might like to enjoy. Turns out that it is! Yay.

Puppy is I hope asleep in the laundry. I already know I am going to have to bath her first thing, don't ask. And am not looking forward to it.

I think I still have 80 shorts to go but I am not going to complete Canterbury Tales, Shadow Unit and Creeping in Reptile Flesh by tomorrow night. So they won't be in my Year's Best Lists. However, I will try and finish them off ASAP to the release of the lists and will blog etc within the next week or so on them.

(If you're new around here - we blog our most enjoyed short stories of the year over at Not if You Were the lastshortstory on Earth)