November 30th, 2008


reading reading reading

Still over 70 shorts to go.

Things I have learned about puppies:

They might go into the laundry and sleep by themselves all night in the dark. And they might even pee on the paper. But they reserve the right to chew up the bottom of the door to the toilet in reply.

They really do eat your homework.

They grow up a lot in a short amount of time. 3 weeks really is like 21 in puppy time. I've caught myself starting sentences to her with: when you were *little*, 3 weeks ago ...

They still do eventually get tired.


still going

Ok, I have negotiated myself down to the final 6 stories I am going to read tonight. I have zeroed a bunch of stuff very sadly. But Stephen King made me cry and how many more stories can honestly compete with that today? I am also going to review for ASif: Canterbury Tales (unless there are two already, which I think there are?), Creeping in Reptile Flesh and Shadow Unit in exchange.

At his point, I just want it to be over.

And 2009 reading commences tomorrow and if I don't write off 2008, I'm going to be behind before we start! And there are some exciting changes at LSS which we will soon announce too.

So yeah. 6 to go. Eyes are sleepy ...


You had me at

"dicks fuck assholes".

Ha! I caught the second half of Teen America last night. I've not seen it and will get onto correcting that. It was *hilarious*.


deep breath!

Wow. I think I am starting to feel recovered!
At bedtime.

I vaguely remember the dudes across the road randomly playing Sex on Fire loudly at 4.30 this morning. Just that song and one other and then it was quiet again. That do that a lot. It's weird.

So. It's the end of November and everyone is reporting in on their Nano Success. I approached November as a month of High Intensity. Basically to just get shit down. Stuff that gets me down or holds me back or makes me feel bad because it's not done. I wrote a list of about 170 items, I think. The list grew, as all lists do since doing one thing inevitably leads to 5 more. The list blew out to 254 items. Completing LSS was like 4 of those things. I've now crossed off 132 items. Which is nearly the original length. And I've gotten all sorts of things done that I would never thought I would have ever done. And a lot of projects feel reenergised.

I'm now extending the high intensity to the end of December in the hopes that I will have almost nothing leftover to be done in 2009. It's a big unrealistic dream but it drives me ever forwards.

Actually though, I think I am going on holidays about Dec 23rd. I think Tehani has us closing TPP for the break. I'm taking annual leave at work. And I dream of spending 12 days crafting, drinking out in my patio watching sunsets and reading *other* books. Maybe even long ones.