December 2nd, 2008


House matters

So, it has been decided and sorted and whatnot. I shall be staying where I am currently living for a while.

I am very glad because I love this house. I have been very happy in it and it certainly brings lots of visitors and good times. I've sort of been slowly unpacking and settling in but I am going to do the last big settle in over December so that I can start 2009 all set up in my little house.

I also hope to get some of the garden sorted this month so that it depresses me less!!


Public Toilets -ew!

I just did that thing where you have to clean up the toilet not because you made a mess but because the person before you did and you don't want the next person to think it was you.

And I saw who it was and ... I'm sorry, how do you get to be that old and not learn how to pee into not onto the toilet? And ... this person acts very superior and supercilious in the office. I have a sneer of grossed out still across my face but I doubt I will be able to look seriously at her in the future.