December 5th, 2008



Yuck! I HATE snakes! Except for yesterday when all day I was craving choc covered snakes but did not give in.

But last night I dreamed of snakes. Not sure if it counts as a nightmare but it wasn't nice dreams. Snakes are supposed to represent wisdom in dreams. But these didn't feel much like the wise kind of snakes. They were more like thin garden snakes - or if Snakes Alive snakes came alive. Yuch.

And I dreamed I was in my grandmother's garden in the unit she used to live in.

Icky and uncomfortable. And I wasn't doing anything prior to sleeping to have such unsettling thoughts.


Angel Rising Reviewed at the Fix

   Two awesome reviews from The Fix in one week! Here they review Dirk Flinthart's novella Angel Rising.

New Ceres is a shared-world universe developed by Gillian Polack and Alisa Krasnostein, and later expanded by authors Cat Sparks, Dirk Flinthart, Jay Lake, and several others. It is a place where steampunk meets space opera and cyberpunk, a colony whose leaders are dedicated to preserve the social structure of 18th-century Earth.

-- snip --

Flinthart’s prose is rich in historical details of clothing, mores, and weaponry, bringing the samurais of ancient Japan alive. The story is a seamless blend of the steampunk setting of the mainlanders and the samurais of the island, who lean toward cyber technology. Flinthart also delivers superb fight scenes. Populated by three-dimensional characters, Angel Rising is an adventure that explores the concept of duty and the narrow line between right and wrong. I recommend this novella to anyone who likes speculative fiction.

Grab a copy from The Twelfth Planet Press website


And following on from that post - I really don't do Christmas

It's about this time of year that we have that discussion about how Christmas is secular and not a religious thing blah blah blah.

So at work we just hung up our Christmas decorations in our office. That was seriously the very first time I have every hung decorations and further, I had never seen many of the tinselly things that came out of the box and had no idea what you were supposed to do with them. I stood by and watched like some foreigner trying to understand the Tim Tam Slam or something. It felt very bizarre!

However, apparently I qualify for a Xmas present from J which is very exciting.


On LSS 2009

There are going to be a few LSS announcements coming out very very soon.

We're mixing things up and trying some new stuff for 2009.

But before I get to that, just a request from the LSSOE crew. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send us review copies. We love them. We can only read and consider material which we have in our possession. And most importantly WE PREFER ELECTRONIC MATERIAL.

Thanks to all those who sent us material in 2008.

Bring on 2009! For the LSS team, it began 5 days ago!

One Day was Today!

My parents share a dog with my Nana. And this dog likes to pummel the window and bark at people as they walk past my parents' house. The first time I heard it I had no idea what it was - it was this drumming sound "dum da dum da dum" at a very fast pace for like 10 minutes without abating. He gets up on his hind legs and just cycles his front paws on the window incessantly. And my mother always tells him "one of these days, you are going to go through that window!"

And just to show that mothers are always right ... today was that day.

It's not funny! Though it kinda is

ball of yarn


I am just starting to fit in here! The building I work in is not the one with my team. I got moved cause of the formaldehyde poisoning - you may recall that before I went away to Israel? I suffered from it and don't want my body absorbing it - for the good of the future of my lineage etc. So I am in a different building, within my Branch, rather than my section.

Anyway, I don't like one of the people in this building so I don't tend to stop for morning tea or lunch with them. Plus I go and have lunch with my section colleagues so as to remain in touch with work issues. But today that person wasn't here and I came out with the Xmas decorations. And earlier in the week one of the officemates discovered I like the theatre and am doing the Shakespeare thing with (K and Russ and Liz and Kate etc) in March. (It's the 6 plays all in one go - like two lots of 3 hr 45 sessions with intervals. Not sure I will be able to sit still. But! Cate Blanchett!) A_ found out and is coming along and she told this person who was then so excited to find other likeminded people. And is also booking tickets for the same night.

And just now I got invited to their craft group!!! Which meets once every 6 weeks!! I'm kinda really excited about that!!! And I guess that means I have found more kindred spirits! Yay that there are so many around!

And now it's hometime! More yay!

It's the weekend!

And what better way to start it than relaxing in a hot bath with choclit snakes and New Ceres Nights submissions. I'm behind you see. I must say ... some of you are having quite a fun time colluding and writing across at each other - and you know who you are and there's more than two of you doing it!

It's actually a lot of fun to read.

2009 Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth Crew Announcements

So we've hinted at some changes that are going to happen around these parts.

We're excited to welcome three new members to our crew, taking our numbers to 8! So please welcome aboard Sarah Parker (callistra), Jason Fischer (jasonfischer) and Tehani Wessely (editormum75).

With the extra members of our team we hope to bypass reader burnout of the 2008 crew, increase the blogging over here at the lastshortstory blog and add some further diversity to the team's reading tastes and the lists. And with 8 members, we hope that the team as a whole reads all the works published, but that requirement will not extend to each individual member. We are going to be more focused on finding the best reads and rec'ing them in 2009.

And the big one - we are going to be trying to read apace as a team to increase dialogue between us in real reading time as well as trying to read at the publishing pace of 2009.

So a little more about our newest members:

Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker has loved reading for as long as she can remember. University slowed her down for a bit, and children slowed her down even further. She is thrilled to be a part of the LSS project, and is also excited to start reading at tremendous speeds again! Sarah likes to practice juggling - juggling children, writing, reading, blogging, cooking, and sometimes even seeing friends in real life too.

Jason Fischer
Jason Fischer is based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a graduate of the 2007 Clarion South workshop, and a recent Finalist in the Writers of the Future contest. He has a story in Jack Dann's new anthology Dreaming Again, and stories in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Apex Online and Aurealis Magazine (forthcoming). Jason likes zombies and post-apocalyptic settings, and when he's not writing he wishes he was. He can be found online at, and is a contributing member of the Daily Cabal.

Tehani Wessely
Tehani Wessely is one of the mad fools who helped start Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Now firmly entrenched in Australian speculative fiction and small press, she also judges for the Aurealis Awards, reads far more in one genre than is healthy, and writes reviews, non-fiction and interviews for Andromeda Spaceways and ASif! (depending on who is silly enough to give her more books!). In her spare moments, she works full time as a Teacher Librarian and enjoys her husband and two children. Tehani is the editor of ASIM #4, #16, #27 and #31, three Best Of ASIM e-anthologies and edited two more ASIM issues in 2008. She joined Twelfth Planet and now coedits the ezine Shiny and is coediting the anthology New Ceres Nights, out in 2009.

last post before bed

My to do list tally is 10 for 182. I am very behind. Must make up this weekend.

Also, I am attempting to become a runner. That's kinda amusing but my trainer has left me with a program for the xmas break and I'm going to start tomorrow. Well, I had 3 goals to do for the next session and I am already working on one.

It must be nonratings season as I have been on SBS a lot lately and have remembered how much I love it. That will last up until when I figure out the bunny ears to send my foxtel down to my bedroom tv set.

And a very cool thing - all evening I have been reminding myself to send an email to my cousin in Israel to wish them a Shabbat Shalom and then randomly she and her mum sent me a Shabbat Shalom text! And that was the whole reason we exchanged numbers in the first place. What lovely serendipity!!!

Bed now. Fabric excursion in the morning. TPP work in the afternoon and evening.