December 7th, 2008


Well then

I had much to do this weekend and instead I did two things - slept (nearly 10 hrs Fri and Sat!), spent hours schmoozing with two friends.

I'm behind on everything but that's okay. The other day I asked y'all what made life worth living for you and if you made a point in doing it. I got some awesome answers, including "wearing pants" but I didn't answer cause I was still thinking about it myself. I had a bit of an awakening moment last week and it had me thinking this thought. And I think for me, love (giving and receiving) and friendship (giving and receiving), as well as the quest for knowledge and understanding are what make living worthwhile for me.

And that's why even though I didn't get any editing done, not much reading, no financials and hardly any emails answered this weekend, I'm cool with it. Cause what I did do is hang out and spend time being with people that matter to me.

And I ate cookies and cream ice cream. It turns out that whilst I want to be thin so I can wear pants, when I think back on life, I'm always going to wish I ate more cookies and cream ice cream. *shrugs* There you go.

I also started reading a new novel - The Opposite of Life by Narelle Harris, published by Pulp Fiction Press. I liked reading a novel so much that I think I might schedule in more novel reading time at night before bed (though I do think this book contributed to my disturbing dream last night).