December 8th, 2008


Rock the Ditmar Vote: Category Novels II

The Horror Novels:

Nathan Burrage Fivefold RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA
Jack Dann The Economy of Light PS PUBLISHING (GREAT BRITAIN)
John Ezzy Unnatural Journeys Part One IUNIVERSE/SELF-PUBLISHED
Nick Gadd Ghostlines SCRIBE
Narelle M Harris The Opposite of Life PULP FICTION PRESS
Simon Haynes Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch FREMANTLE PRESS

Grab a novel for your Christmas break reading and get informed for Ditmar Voting!!


The other version of the meme

I'm taking this but there are bits that are offensive and also that don't translate. Does that make me UnAustralian? And what is UnAustralian? I live here and I am a citizen ...

  1. Heard a kookaburra in person
  2. Slept under the stars
  3. Seen a koala.
  4. Visited Melbourne.
  5. Watched a summer thunderstorm
  6. Worn a pair of thongs - yes but not for more than 15 or 20 years
  7. Been to Uluru (Ayer's Rock)
  8. Visited Cape York
  9. Held a snake. At the Zoo in Singapore
  10. Sang along with Khe San. - I don't know what this is
  11. Drank VB. once to find out how disgusting it is
  12. Visited Sydney.
  13. Have seen a shark. In an aquarium.
  14. Have used Aussie slang naturally in a conversation.
  15. Had an actual conversation with an indigenous Australian (aboriginal) I think this is kinda offensive. Actually. People are not landmarks or items on a to do list
  16. Eaten hot chips from the bag at the beach.
  17. Walked/climbed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  18. Used an outside dunny, and checked under the seat before sitting down
  19. Seen Chloe in Young & Jackson's. I don't know what this is
  20. Slept on an overnight train or bus. In Europe and in Africa
  21. Been to Sydney's Mardi Gras
  22. Have gone bush-bashing.
  23. Taken a sickie
  24. Been to see a game of Aussie Rules football
  25. Have seen wild camels
  26. Gone skinny dipping
  27. Done a Tim Tam Slam
  28. Ridden in a tram in Melbourne
  29. Been at an ANZAC day Dawn Service
  30. Watched a sunrise or sunset
  31. Held a wombat
  32. Been on a roadtrip of 800km or more.
  33. Seen the Great Australian Bight in person.
  34. Had a really bad sunburn
  35. Visited an aboriginal community
  36. Seen a redback spider
  37. Have watched Paul Hogan.
  38. Seen Blue Poles in person
  39. Wandered barefoot in the bush/outback
  40. Eaten Vegemite
  41. Thrown a boomerang.
  42. Seen the Kimberleys
  43. Given a hitch-hiker a lift
  44. Been to Perth
  45. Have tried Lemon, Lime and Bitters - got them to make me one at WFC in Saratoga too
  46. Tried playing a didgeridoo
  47. Seen dinosaur footprints.
  48. Eaten Tim Tams
  49. Been to Darwin
  50. Touched a kangaroo
  51. Visted the Great Barrier Reef
  52. Listened to Kevin Bloody Wilson.
  53. Killed a Cane Toad
  54. Gone to a drive-in theatre.
  55. Have read and own books by Australian authors and nonAustralian authors
  56. Visited Adelaide - booked for Natcon!!!!
  57. Know the story behind "Eternity"
  58. Been camping
  59. Visited Brisbane - next month!!!
  60. Been in an outback pub
  61. Know what the term "Waltzing Matilda" actually means
  62. Gone whale watching - only from the shore
  63. Listened to Slim Dusty.
  64. Own five or more Australian movies or TV series.
  65. Sang along to Down Under In Israel
  66. Have stopped specifically to look at an historic marker by the side of the road. In Isreal
  67. Eaten a 4'n'20 pie. yuck I hate pies
  68. Surfed at Bondi.
  69. Watched the cricket on Boxing Day.
  70. Visited Hobart.
  71. Eaten kangaroo. Jewish
  72. Seen a quokka.
  73. Visited Canberra
  74. Visited rainforests
  75. Used a Victa lawnmower.
  76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide
  77. Used a Hills hoist
  78. Visited Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)
  79. Used native Australian plants in cooking.
  80. Visited the snow In and outside Australia
  81. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford.
  82. Visited the desert The Negev Desert!! heh
  83. Been water skiing - watched it and in the boat but not on the skiis
  84. Read The Phantom.
  85. Visited Parliament House
  86. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting
  87. Crossed the Nullarbor
  88. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles
  89. Listened to AC/DC
  90. Called someone a dag
  91. Voted in a Federal Election
  92. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags
  93. Had a possum in your roof. And rats
  94. Visited the outback
  95. Travelled over corrugated roads.
  96. Hit a kangaroo while driving.
  97. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage. And I don't like it
  98. Seen an emu.
  99. Have woken to the smell of bushfires.
  100. Subscribed to RRR
  101. Patted a pure-bred dingo
  102. Seen the Oils live - seen the Cat Empire though! AND Silverchair!

Aurealis Awards

I should also blog that I am very happy to see a couple of Twelfth Planet Press stories made the Aurealis Awards shortlists this year. Tansy Rayner Roberts' "Fleshy" from 2012 is up on the SF shortlist and Trent Jamieson's "Cracks" from Shiny Issue 2 is on the YA shortlist.

Both works that I coedited with Ben Payne and in fact the 3 of us (Ben, Tansy and I) coedited Trent's piece. It's a nice bit of completed circle. "Cracks" has certainly done very well for itself - garnering a reprint within the shortlisted Australian Years Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 4. I'm really chuffed to see our little Shiny mag getting noticed. And as Tansy says her of her work - a little story about cloning, sex and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Congratulations to everyone else on the list - there's a lot of you whom I love and everyone can't win. I on the other hand am planning on sipping pink drinks, wearing my snazzy shoes and laughing with y'all at the awards night. And shall consider that my prize!