December 10th, 2008



Now this I can get excited about:

Hormone-free contraceptive pill is on the horizon

In other news, am grumpy and tired. Been out in the field since 8am. Knee deep in wetland, sometimes higher. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Hailing and stormy on the drive home. Ran hours and hours over. And now I am tired. Walked in and a colleague who used to work with us looked at my face and said, "You look like you need a hug." I think I actually need chocolate. I'd knock off at 4pm but my Gym partner is still out of the office and I don't cancel on her by proxy - I do it in person!

Am so fricking tired at the moment. All the time. I sleep well. I don't sleep well. I feel shattered by Tuesdays. Am dragging myself through the week by my hair by Thursdays. And there's just not enough weekend to go around.



Rich Horton is writing up his 2008 year that was, which I always look forward to reading. In fact, this is where Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth came from - Ben and I were reading them and talking about it and ... voila.

Anyway, Horton points out that 5 out of the 6 stories we published this year were by female writers and 3 were SF. I'm quite chuffed with those stats, to be honest!

Issue 5 is 3 for 3 too. It will be out at the beginning of January - the delay has to do with Twelfth Planet Press pushing the publishing schedule to before October from now on. So when you're nursing your post NYE headache and you're looking for something to read, you might grab a copy of Shiny 5 with a new post-apocalyptic Perth story from Sue Isle called "Paper Dragons", a computer geek story by Emily Mah Tippets called "Root" and a lovely teen love drama by Tansy Rayner Roberts called "Not Like Us". And lots of reviews including Starry Rift and How to Ditch Your Fairy.


Rant rant

I'm still utterly knackered, which is fine cause it's bedtime n'all. But I hate daylight saving. I hate the way it fools you into thinking it's still afternoon and then you turn to look at the clock as it gets dark and find you have like one hour till bed. I think part of my problem is pacing myself after work. The other part is that there is not enough time between work and bedtime. Today I left work at 4.30 because I got in before 8 (and that hurt more than I can say). Popped into the deli to get something for dinner - got bread because OMG I am tired and I don't care. Popped past my mum's to see her - had a cup of tea and chat and then got home at 7pm. Showered and whatever and it's like after 7.30 and like, 3 hours till sleepy time. No time to do serious amounts of work. Work too late. Get to bed too late. Sleep not enough. Spin, rinse, repeat.

Wanna get off the spinny wheely thing now.