December 13th, 2008


Phew! Is that the time?

Crazy day today. Met my mum for breakfast at 8.30-esque at one of her fave cafes. Then we did a quick small artisans fete across the road and a browse of the shop next to the cafe, which was the point of the exercise. I, um, left ALL my present buying to the last minute (ASif! Fairy, Xmas, some bdays, you name it, I am behind in it).

Then I rushed off late to my hairdresser. My white skunk lines have been darkened again. I asked how grey I am, and she said yeah, very in this strip on the top, the rest is dark. So I thought about how when I am like 50 I might not dye it and leave it as a statement. I suggested we might fight over it. She got depressed at the idea of still doing my hair when we are 50, and then agreed we would fight about it.

I bailed out on my old school friends - it was our 6 weekly catchup but one of them had a sick bub and the other forgot so that was not too bad! I braved the suburban shopping mall. It was HIDEOUS! What the hell is this all about? And why does everyone else leave the shopping to the last minute. I spent about 2 hours shopping in bits and pieces and had no idea what I ended up with. I was wrapping a 30th bday present up for tomorrow and realised I totally overbought gifts. Probably I have also underwritten my list so it will probably balance out.

Came home. Wrote to do lists. Wrote xmas card lists. Started working on the Big Financial Questions.

And then kathrynlinge came over. She was here about 4 hours and I think we were in the same room for maybe 15 minutes? And she cooked dinner too! Very bad. (the not socialising bit. the dinner was delicious) We were skyping random_alex and cassiphone for a new project. And that was a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. And then chatting and then we logged off and K went home.

And that was my day! Crazy!!!
Tomorrow I have a brunch. And then maybe some quiet time. Not sure.