December 17th, 2008



IN some parts of the country it feels like summer has not even begun, yet 2008 has been one of the hottest years ever in Australia and one of climate extremes around the world.

Parts of Australia endured one of their driest and hottest years on record in 2008, while it will likely go down as the planet's 10th warmest year on record, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says.,27574,24813001-5009760,00.html

And this, a La Nina year.

Last Boxing Day in Perth it was over 46 degrees. Here's hoping for a cooler Christmas this year.


*raises head from the chaos*

Argh!!! So ahhh I didn't actually do any filing this whole year. I'm currently forensically auditing myself which is a totally unfun job and hurts a lot. I bet this teaches me a lesson and I do my filing as I go next year. It's the explanation for the less than average blogging of late. My office looked like a bomb had hit it till about 15 minutes ago when I must have hit that destabilising point where suddenly enough material found its home and got filed and now there is less than half to go, the whole thing is starting to make sense and my desk is starting to look like one day it might be superorganised and tidy.

Plus I have a tonne of work due yesterday. I am determined to finish next week with nothing in my inbox (if you save and file everything correctly you don't have to keep your own copy), nothing on my desk and no pending work to do (okay that's a dream cause I have stuff due in January already but still).

I kinda want to do the same thing for TPP. Though that's even more of a pipe dream. But still, it'd be nice.

So everything is ramping up to panic stations.

And I'm not sleeping - not sure if I mentioned that. I collapse into bed and then lie wide awake till it starts to get light. Though last night I had a hideous nightmare - one of my friends disappeared. It was horrible. We had to report her missing and stand vigil and it was awful. Also my sunglasses broke and I went YA book shoppping and couldn't find anything to buy (this is happening in real life too - where are all the books that Tansy reads?). But the worst was I woke up terrified, it was 5am and I knew that I was going to go straight back into the nightmare when I fell back asleep. Even with the trying to be awake awake and then going back to sleep. Why doesn't that ever happen when I'm having a hot sexy dream???

Last night we had a girl's night - one of our friends at work has a back injury and so she can't stand for long periods and has been off work quite a bit these last couple of months. Her husband works in the mines so we planned to go round with a DVD and cook dinner and hang out with her. C_ did most of the catering and one of the others took her dog for a walk for her. And we (7 of us from work) watched 26 Dresses. It was a lot of fun. I have such nice people in my life - in all directions. I am so lucky for that.

And finally. I think I might deserve an end of year present - maybe at the least a reward for my promotion. If I were to buy a box set DVDs - what TV show should I get obsessed with? Choices include but are not limited to BSG, Big Love, Pushing Daises ...