December 27th, 2008


Random Fact About Me

I love the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

I get up at 5am on NY Day to watch the yachts come up the Derwent.

Oddly, or perhaps ironically, the ex wasn't the least bit interested in yacht races at all and I'd find myself up alone on the boat at Rottnest at 5am watching them come in.



Have been hiding and moping the last few days in an attempt to both feel and then wallow in misery and be a general misery-guts.

Cept it's not working. I don't really feel all that miserable. I'm not really lonely - phones keep ringing and getting texts, chatting windows opening to talk to me all over the internets and random messages on blogs and emails and cards and presents, had a lovely place to go for Xmas lunch and dinner and people to visit with and catch up with on Boxing Day. I'm not alone. And even when I am ... well, there are so many reminders of people who love me - books and DVDs and comics loaned, tupperware containers of food care packages.

So the moping has been a complete flop.

I've been suffering brainfog though this whole week. Unable to read or write or edit. Or do anything list worthy. Have felt like I'm wasting my holidays but at the same time too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything about it. Late yesterday afternoon was the first time I felt like the fog had lifted and I was not only able but had actually gotten some things done.

I caught up on laundry. Did a fair bit of tidying up round the house including cleaning out my pantry. Watched the first season of Hex. Almost finished tacking the hexagons - I have about 20 left. Read half of Vol 2 of Buffy Season 8. Started cleaning out my wardrobe - completed the hanging section and have already passed on a lot of stuff I won't wear anymore. Rearranged my bathroom cupboards.

So yeah. Starting to rise from the ashes again.