December 29th, 2008



I've been sleeping well but had nightmares pretty much every night. And not consistently about anything - one night it was cobra snakes in my bed, another was big spiders in big spider webs. Last night I dreamed I was hanging out at lunchtime with workmates, in a really highbuilt inner city office setting, and we were about to play some kind of ball game and I was going to keep score but I got shot in the mouth. And for ages noone told me but I could feel my mouth wasn't right. I suspect I was gritting my teeth in my sleep. I wonder if this is a warning about shooting my mouth off?

Ugh. I have a 1000-1500 word article to write today. Going to do it at Tiger Tiger where I am meeting transcendancing for lunch.



I'm procrastinating. I'm sposed to be writing an article and it's due at 10pm. I think I overshot it and now it's too much for what time I have to write it in and won't be what I want it to be. Grump.

Instead ... today I had lunch with transcendancing. We were supposed to meet at Tiger Tiger but they were closed so instead we had dessert at the Globe. There's something so decadent about sipping a lemonade in the foyer of a hotel.

On the way home I ran an errand that got another monkey off my back! woohoo! That's two now. I wonder how many more I can get done this week.

Then I was tired. I typed up the draft of the article. Sorted some more of my hexagons and then I got a second wind and cooked a chilli chickpea and eggplant curry for dinner and whilst that was cooking, I put together and baked a vegetarian lasagne. I think that was the first proper curry I have cooked myself in about 3 maybe 4 years. What's up with that? The house smelled divine all afternoon and I remembered how it can be fun to cook. I can't believe I let things slide so far for so long.

The cooking thing is working out well. When everything is cooled and I have popped the meal serves in the freezer I'll know how many I made today. But I'm working to some rules with the cooking and that's really working out well. Firstly, everything has to be planned, no winging it. I went to the shops yesterday armed with a list for 4 separate dishes and its been a dream just being able to pull out all the ingredients to cook each dish when I decide to. I think I will try and keep meal planning up this coming year. Secondly, no cooking the same dish twice and to that end, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and cooking new dishes. Thirdly, I can only cook one thing at a time and I have to clean up as I go. It's going well.

And! I finally made rice in my rice cooker properly! I think there is a mistake in the instructions!!



I didn't get my article written. But my editor is lovely so I am still alive.

I got 11 meals out of today's cooking. Am happy with that. Am trying to watch The Avengers but keep forgetting they are on and look up 20 mins in with no idea what the plot is about. Mrs Peel is awesome and I love all the champagne drinking but that's all I've got.

Ooh Scrubs is on!