January 6th, 2009


I need to unsubscribe ...

My singles horoscope for today:

Little quirks say huge things about your character. Neatness counts! When you're out on a date, don't scratch yourself like you have a bad case of the crabs or blow your nose on the same napkin you wipe your mouth with. Pay attention to the minutiae and you'll score big on points!

ASif! Upgrade

I've been fiddling a lot with the ASif! website over the weekend. Apologies if you get the RSS feed. There are going to be a lot more changes over the next few weeks so if it is burdensome, you might want to consider unsubscribing to the feed and resubscribing later.

Or you might like to watch me slowly and laboriously work my way across the entire website. See. I changed my mind about some formatting and that requires retrofitting. Though my totally awesome subeditor, electricant has been publishing all the latest reviews using the new template. It's always so exciting to find a new one that I don't have to edit.


I'm also moving things around so you may find some of the navigation different, and I hope, improved. Eventually. It's still kind of a logistics nightmare in terms of how I am doing it in order to have the least edit rounds as possible. And soon there will be the fully finished "Peruse by Publisher" option as well.

But today I am excited because I think I have finally nailed the front page. After many failed attempts and lots and lots of finetuning, I think I have the final version. And I just want to say how totally awesome curufea, my webmaster, is for helping me out with the News Feed. I love it a lot.

General update

I should mention that the Crohn's has settled down. Which is awesome! I might have had two proper serious coffees today and the world is bright and shiny again. I guess I'll still keep a fairly tight personal rein since I really don't like having to give up coffee - that means instead I will give up alcohol for now, soft drinks, very sugary treats ... that kind of thing. And probably cut down on the gluten. I think it's funny that I think that's a fair trade!

Last night I did a 20 mins mindfulness exercise which felt good to be back to working on that kind of thing. I also was a bit silly and took 2 Vit B tablets before bed. I thought it might help me have a deep sleep but no ... I was so wide awake that I almost had no sleep at all.

And I'm slowly getting back on top of TPP projects. Slowly slowly.


Of all things

I still make baked beans the way the ex used to - they were good.

(In the interests of full disclosure that not everything is all bad all the time)


working the program


I got two more monkeys off my back yesterday. Feels good to be finally sorting things out. Those were both to do with friendships that had soured. I'm starting to get momentum up again which is good. One of the things it's helping with is clearing my inbox. I made massive inroads into that today. Next up is some finalisation of submissions to various TPP projects. And editing. And reviewing. And. And. And.

Work has been nice and easy this week. Slowly people are coming back in and so there's this steady trickle of people working through full inboxes and vaguely thinking they might send work my way. Rather than actually sending work my way. My promotion has gotten stalled in the management system. Hopefully there will be some progress tomorrow on that.

And I have been amusing myself in small ways. transcendancing brought me this lovely Starbucks mug back from Melbourne and gave it to me over the holidays. It's so pretty and just the right size for a flat white so I took it into work on Monday to keep me company. It's a collector's edition mug and really I should put it in the glass cabinet and save it but it's really pretty and feels like it should be used and it makes me happy just sitting on my desk. And maybe I should follow through on the using and enjoying things now thing I was blogging about and just continue using it.