January 7th, 2009


Alternative Contact Details

Livejournal is my second blog. My first blog was at Diaryland years ago and then I moved to LJ because I like the way communities can interact - it's easy to keep track of all the people/communities you want to with the ease of the friends list and it has, from what I can tell, the best form of interaction with readers and writers of blogs. I'm yet to see any other platform do it better - with the emailing of comments and threads and the threading of comments and so on. And also with the ability to lock some posts and not others.

And one thing about me is I fly by the seat of my pants - I don't backup anything. I lost the first draft of my Honours Thesis a week before the deadline that way. And the experience didn't teach me anything because the second version was more succinct and pointed than the first. It was better. And so, I didn't back up my Diaryland entries. I halfarsedly transferred a few posts to here but I never finished the job. And then one day, I totally forgot my password and I could never go back and access the blog again. And I lost all the posts - I think you had to be able to verify it as active every so often. And ... I'm ok with that. I lost the posts I made during the first break up with the ex and that's the only thing I am sorry I no longer have.

But I *am* sorry that I no longer have those so I am going to figure out how to backup my LJ and start doing that tonight. I'm aware of the various tools out there but does anyone know if there's a way to save the comments to posts too? For me, they are the most valuable part of the blogging experience and contain much wisdom and important advice.

The other thing that I think is really important (and as pointed out in the comments to my last post) is - how we will find each other again if we get lost? I think probably we all belong to a dominant online community and would migrate with that one, should an evacuation be called. Probably I would go with the specfic one. Whereever most of those members go, I'll probably go. But ... I would hate to lose everyone else. Everyone I read and everyone who comes along and interacts with me here is important to me. I don't want to lose *anyone*.

I think maybe it would be cool if we could all let each other know some alternative way to contact or find us, in case we get separated (do I sound enough like a lost child or a paranoid mother - let's meet by the phonebox if we get separated ...).

So for me, you can find me on Facebook under my "real name". And Twelfth Planet Press has a website, thanks to the generous time and skill of Simon Haynes, at http://www.twelfthplanetpress.com and should I for some reason drop out of contact, I'll be adding a news section there where you could find me.

Where would I find you?!

Cheerleading - the most dangerous of sports

Courtesy of catsparx who knew I would love this as much as I do!!

Sex, drugs, booze, kidnapping – just another year in the most dangerous sport

Among many items of badness (ER did an expose in one of their episodes the other week, so I know about the bullying and violence), this one, in which I only say, Buffy did it first:

And then there was the 33-year-old mom in Wisconsin who stole her 15-year-old daughter's identity so she could join the cheerleading team (she was discovered when the cheque for her cheerleading uniform bounced).

OMG grow up and get a life!!!

I like this:
In Nacogdoches, Texas, cheerleaders mock executed a rival school's mascot with handguns.

No more pep and catchy jingles for these hardcore cheerleaders. Only in Texas, eh?

The whole article amuses.

There was a gay cheerleader in Heroes?


Literal much?

I'm still not sleeping very well. This is like the giving up coffee for Yom Kippur where I never wean myself off it long enough before to not be in withdrawal throughout the fast. Which is to say, I should have gone to bed at increasingly earlier times last week instead of expecting I would be tired at even midnight after having gone to bed at 2am the night before. So yeah, lots of lying wide awake in bed at midnight going on.

Last night though I had a dreeaaam.

In the first part the only bit I remember was opening a carton of eggs and being annoyed at the two cracked eggs inside. I had checked them at the store before I bought them and thus this meant that I had not been careful enough on transport home and now had to throw out two previously perfectly good eggs.

In the second part of the dream I had escalator fun. I might have mentioned before that I don't love escalators in real life but I think when I get stressed they seem to appear in my dreams and in my dreams I am terrified of them, and usually just as I go to get on one I usually misplace my footing. In this dream I was going up a fairly short escalator to a second floor but I slipped as I got on it and had to catch and then hold myself up with my arms as I moved upwards on the escalator and tried to regain my footing. When I got to the top and walked off onto that floor I discovered I had lost my bag - I don't have one in real life like this but it matched The Shoes (see icon) perfectly (oooooh I see where this is going ...) and I was utterly disappointed to have lost it. So for the rest of the dream I wandered around near the top of the escalator trying to find the bag or some place where lost items might be found. In the end an attendant or security guard (who happened to be someone I went to school with) gently led me away from the area and pointed out a very innocous, hidden escalator, not half the size of the one up, that went down. She sort of pushed me towards it and I ended up coming out into a very dark and dingy carpark.

Hi subsconscious. Nice to meet you. You are laughing at me. Aren't you!

Yes We Can!!!

If I can do it, anyone can. I downloaded ljArchive this evening and backed up my livejournal. Apparently all nearly 5000 entries and almost 40 000 comments but I'm not going to physically check it. My earliest entries are from 2003. Wow, do I feel old.

ljArchive looks to be pretty user friendly. Easy to navigate the archived blog. Took about 10-15 minutes to do and ended up about 16MB file.

I am very happy!!

This just goes to show that filing *is* good for you OR I am getting too beaurocratised. Especially since I am impressed with my filing at work too and am far more productive and effective now that my desk is clear and clean and I know where all the papers are supposed to go.


I am a columnist

I'm to be a regular columnnist at Ticon4 as of tomorrow (at apparently 10am).

This one was done on a verrrry tight deadline. I will finish the more controversial article I started for my February deadline.

Or else I'll write something else entirely. I'm like that.