January 13th, 2009


In other news ...

I just wanted to firstly say hi to newcomers to these parts. If you friended me as a result of yesterday's events, I'd like to be able to say that that was unusual. Instead I'll say for very long stretches it can be much less heated around here :-) And that my blog is a running commentary of my life and can get quite personal. And ... welcome!

And then to show that it's not all critique and self examination, here is a link my mum sent me:

Queensland's latest tourism campaign is giving job seekers the chance to get paid $150,000 to live six months rent-free on the Great Barrier Reef.

As their Christmas holidays fade and the credit crunch begins to bite, office workers dreaming of a fresh start are being tempted to apply for "the best job in the world".

Tourism Queensland is looking for applicants willing to walk white sandy beaches, sit under palm trees and swim with turtles as they soak up the sun.

The successful candidate will be asked to keep a blog and photo diary in exchange for six months rent-free on Hamilton Island as part of a $150,000 salary package that includes return airfares and travel insurance.


Before anybody asks

Yes I know I am mad.

No I don't know where I get the time.

No I don't sleep much.

And yes, I do keep forgetting that I am doing 4 books this year.

And yes that does mean I am working on something new. What? I have a short attention span.


Oh yeah

Dear Stephenie Meyers,

Seriously, I could forgive a lot in your Twilight series, I mean, heck I was still reading so obviously I cut you a lot of slack. But the other night I got to this bit:

Collapse )

This actually revolted me to my stomach and I've had to put your book down for a while. Well, that's not true. I skim read to the end to see if Bella and Edward do some horizontal walzing first, read the really weird and fucked up sexual politics of the final couple of pages and then put the book down.

You're kinda creepy and messed up though, aren't you?