January 20th, 2009


On cultural appropriation

I've sort of been following this debate but not fully and not in the far and wide that it's spanned.

But matociquala quotes an awesome comment by a participant here about the whole issue, which to me is parallel to the gender debate. Replace "Character of Coloor" with "Female Character" ... It's a great summary in any case:

Bear says In other words, there's two such massively different sets of experiences at work here that we almost can't hear each other, and we really don't understand what each other are saying.



Ticon4 reviews 2012:

On the anthology, Farr says:
Overall there is dark, despairing tone to the anthology: few if any writers are predicting a positive, promising future. Perhaps this represents the hangover of 11-plus years of John Howard, and 8 years of Dubya, and an anthology published in 2009 looking forward to 2013 may have a different focus.

Probably we'd include economic meltdown :-)

On the Press, he says:
There is a real joy in seeing a number of Australia’s most experienced writers contributing stories to the first anthology of a fledgling press. This can only bode well for the future success of Twelfth Planet Press. Should the publishers survive to 2012, I hope the world is a brighter place than this anthology suggests.

And another review of Angel Rising over at Not Free SF Reader, where the novella gains a 4.5 out of 5, Blue Tyson says:

The anachronistic setting is a feature in these stories, and given that, I call it a planetary romance of sorts.
Gordon is an adventurer, a bon vivant, but not a complete rogue, as on New Ceres he has an official role as a Proctor. Which, basically means working for the woman in charge of the place (The Lady Governor) as a troubleshooter, to sort out whatever problems might occur and protect the stability and sovereignity of the realm, if you like.
Flinthart is a writer who clearly has a respect and love for adventure stories.
I look forward to more from this bloke.

And of the Press, he says:
Well done to Twelfth Planet Press for giving some novellas a shot, too.



I'm still very behind in my emails. I'm really sorry if I haven't gotten to yours yet. I'm getting there, I promise!!

Cleaning up fallout from the weekend and trying to push through editor's block and get some big projects moving.

And the rest.


Nobody wants to end up in a Thai jail

However ... I present this as an argument against vanity press.

Harry Nicolaides was arrested last August over a 2005 book called “Verisimilitude,” which includes a paragraph about the king and crown prince that the authorities deemed a violation of the Lese Majeste law… Only 50 copies of the book were published, and only seven were sold.

Get an editor folks! They do more than cross ts and dot is.


Announcement: A Book of Endings by Deborah Biancotti

Twelfth Planet Press is pleased to announce the contents of our upcoming short story collection by Deborah Biancotti. A Book of Endings will feature 21 stories including six new works by the author. Coedited by Alisa Krasnostein and Ben Payne, A Book of Endings will be launched at Conjecture, the Australian SF National Convention, in Adelaide, June 5-8, 2009.

Photo by Ellen Datlow

The Distance Keeper
The Dying Light
The First and Final Game
King of All and the Metal Sentinel
Life's Work
Number 3 Raw Place
Pale Dark Soldier
The Razor Salesman
Seven Ages of the Protagonist
Silicon Cast
Stealing Free
Stone by Stone
Summa Seltzer Missive
The Tailor of Time
Watertight Lies

And including 6 new works:
Coming up for Air
Diamond Shell
Problems of Light and Dark
Six Suicides
This Time, Longing

For a sneak peak at work by this multi-award winning writer, read Tailor of Time online or download Stealing Free as a podcast read by Nick Evans or read Summa Selzer Missive in its original, online, form.


My life somehow decided to up to double speed at some point over the weekend.

Yet somehow, unintentionally, I have halved my caffeine intake. That could be part explanation for the headaches but ... I didn't *mean* to cut back. Yet... now that I have, life in one cup of double-shot-flat-white-in-the-morning-land, is not so bad.

(Yes I am procrastinating in getting changed to go the gym).


Who am I really?

So I've been working on answering this question, which is of course the opposite of simple and straightforward. And of course, I'm lots of people. Or rather, I have lots of facets, colours and shades. What I do know for sure, is that I am not beige.

So I thought I'd try and figure out the answer in parts. There's lots of parts that I already know. The obvious stuff. And that's boring. So then, that leaves me with the other, less obvious aspects of self.

I found myself fiddling around with my camera on Saturday night. I was all dressed up for a party in 1920s get up and I was feeling rather sexy so I thought I would try and come up with some selfportraits of how I was seeing myself in that moment. I popped them up on Facebook a couple of days ago but here they are behind the cut and in my new icon.

Collapse )

Firstly, I'm a crap photographer so I'm kinda pleased I got some I like. Secondly, it was very interesting taking my own photo - deciding how I want to look, directing myself, and then judging the outcome. I learned a few things about the way I look and so on (successfully used that in arguing for my hairstyle with my sister on Sunday night).

Thirdly, it was really interesting making myself look the way I wanted to look - as in, why and how. Because ultimately, I wanted to look sexy and powerful in these shots. And I had to figure out how to feel that way in order to look that way. *Luckily* for me, I have watched *a lot* of America's Next Top Model. I understand complex things like "looking fierce" and so on.

I felt sexy that evening. I felt sexy in what I was wearing and how I looked and in who I was. In that moment. And I noticed that feeling sexy made me feel powerful. And happy. And I noticed how, to me, I don't allow myself to feel those three things all at once, in a related way. Which of course led to this post and some dissection of that.

I think it comes back to things I said in the post I wrote on feminism and femininity. You know, where we agreed I could wax my legs, love shoes AND still believe in equality. (A good blogger would give you the link to that post. I am not that blogger. It was near Femmecon in time.)

The nature of my profession often means that I am the only female in the room. In my last job I was the only woman in our team. In this role, I often go to meetings where I am the only woman at the conference room table. Though my current work team is mostly female, we often deal with consultants who are middle aged men and come to meetings and sit opposite us (two or three young women) and put the hard stern word on us.

The one thing I have always been determined to never ever be accused of doing, is using my "feminine wiles" to get me places in this world. Flirting and so on is inappropriate in the workspace, something I very much abhor and never ever do (with like people in power above me. I will admit to teasing and riling up the guys I work with. They do it to me ALL the time!)

But I think somewhere along the line, I took this too far (what? me? surely not?!) and actually exorcised the idea from my brain that it's ok to feel powerful and in control whilst also feeling sexy and happy. I think, in part, that could help explain some of the other ideas of power that I've been mulling over - to do with boundaries and so on. And I think I very much didn't want to allow "sexy" to be part of my persona. Which is not to say that I don't feel sexy. Or don't know how to use those wiles, or in fact don't ever use them. All not true, of course. But the thing I do think is that I feel bad or guilty or choose to ignore that that is part of my persona. And I can see that in the photos that I do allow people to take of me - which in contrast to these, are very family-friendly.

After the soulsearching from Femmeconne about what is a feminist, what is a woman, what kind of a feminist and woman am I and what kind do I want to be, I let go of the ropes a bit. I started to wear a lot of different jewellery and fun shoes and broke out a bit in the clothing I wore. I've tossed out a bunch of clothes that don't conform and I guess this post shows I am still working on my image both in how I see myself and how I present myself to the world.

Work in progress I guess.



OOh just hit "End of Volume 2"

About to launch into Volume 3. Have so much to say about this series. Will wait till I have finished watching what I have though (which is not all of Volume 3).

Should be watching Buffy.

Will end telegram style blog entry now STOP