January 23rd, 2009


Last Update before (Bris)Vegas

dmw dropped a comment on my last post so keep an eye out this weekend for an update on Natcon over at the Natcon website.

Just caught the Channel 9 morning show because Perth Sunrise telecast finished at 8.30. No matter how much I have complained about Mel and Kochie ... OMG that was very bad TV on 9. I never never never want to watch two blond bimboes squeal with laughter and pretend to "interview" guests and certainly not at that hour of the morning. Channel 9 must be in serious trouble - it just does not *get it*.

Am off to Brisbane now for the Aurealis Awards weekend. *bounce bounce bounce* Soooooooooooo excited to see everyone.

I have packed one book - Devilish by Maureen Johnson which I am halfway through and a ton of editing and slushing. Phew! I will no doubt have a two hour wait to board plus the 5 hour flight so ... I intend to have the New Ceres Nights ToC ready to announce when I get back (post discussion with Tehani), Shiny 5 almost ready to go and my first lot of edits/proofs for A Book of Endings done - Ben has constructed a very very complicated timetable for it (and I am totally ignoring and doing my own thing!)

Love to your mum!