February 1st, 2009



Was hot and will be hotter tomorrow though maybe we will have a thunderstorm.

I didn't wake up till 10am and have spent the day pretty much in bed. It's got aircon, internet, dvds and sewing projects. Why move? Plus, needed the time to chill out before work tomorrow. The trouble with getting an extension is ... you still have to do the work. Bummer!

Today though I have spent the day playing email ping pong. It's been a bit crazy actually. And I must have answered 100 emails yet have managed to only claw the tally down to 94 from starting the day at 112. Sigh. Will press on!

I watched the first 4 episodes of Season 3 Buffy - yay! Am getting to eps I've seen fewer times which is definitely more fun. Look out for our commentary at the Shiny blog if you're interested in that kinda thing. Will be starting up again soon. OOh Shiny has an ljfeed too, for ease of keeping up - here

And ... must be February and into the year proper now - all the reality TV shows are back.