February 4th, 2009


Stimulus package


So I don't earn 100K and apparently that means I will be eligible for a cash handout? I'm skeptical because I never am eligible, I'm in the *other* category - unmarried, no kids, no mortgage. No. Course the Opposition is going to vote against it in both houses so maybe noone will get it, after all.

Much as I am a proponent of giving people a hand when they're doing it tough, that's not actually what a stimulus package is about. Giving money away to get people to spend money to create demand for services and goods is best given to people who will do that. Not to those who will stick it in their mortgage and on their credit card - banks have already fucked this up. Paying back loans will not save jobs.

Course they already threw a fuckload of money at this 4 months ago and it did nothing and I kinda reckon the same thing is gonna happen this time.

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It's ONE DOLLAR!! What better value??? Here's a sneak peek at Trent Jamieson's award winning story:


The dark is the dark. The song is the song.

The shadows were boiling to midday when Lolly Robson found me by the river, my feet dangling over the bank, not touching earth so I could get some peace. He grinned, that crooked stunning smile, and spat a wasteful spit on the ground like it was a challenge, like everything for Lolly was a challenge to be spat out. “Jean. I got need of you.”

“Yes I see that,” I said in my old voice. The voice that isn’t mine, but that’s all me, which you’d understand if you had what I had, and maybe you do. “And don’t be all spitting and short with me, boy. Just because I was raised peculiar, don’t mean you have the right.”

Lolly looked almost abashed, but he didn’t say sorry. Robson boys don’t. They’re haughty. Pretty too.
“I like your dress,” he said, kind of charming.

I fixed him with a black stare. “Flattery, boy. Too hot for flattery.” Though I liked it. He was a Robson after all. Not that I’d show my pleasure. “What’s your need?”

We’d done our dance. Lolly understood, and took the direct path, and snatched back a bit of the old voice’s respect.

“Snake’s bit my mum.” He touched his bicep, then a point above his wrist, near where he would be cut when he came of age, like all the Robson boys were cut. "Here and here. She's dying."



So, you know how I have my 10 question interview that I make first dates take - but I am sneaky and they don't notice taking it? (Yes, if you have been on a date with me and are reading this, you took the test).

I'm thinking of changing a question - it's not like the test is a good performance outcome indicator, anyway.

I'm thinking that my life might be complete if I could be with someone who can flip omelettes for me. Seriously, I am crap at making omelettes, I really like them and think it would be useful to end up with someone who could do this for me.