February 5th, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Twelfth Planet Press!!!

I realised yesterday that some time in January was the second anniversary of the founding of Twelfth Planet Press! Gosh, has it really been two years already?

Since the Shiny Deals finished yesterday (though you might find that the buttons haven't quite been taken down off the site yet), I thought the best way to say


was with another SPECIAL!!! So from now till MY birthday (Feb 27) grab yourself a copy of 2012 at the knockout price of AUS$16 to anywhere in Australia including postage or AUS$20 to anywhere outside of Australia including postage!

2012 incl postage


One of those days!!

Okay so I am not sleeping well at the moment. Well, I should rephrase that - I'm getting about 8 hours a night but I seem to be having overactive dreams. Saturday through Monday nights I dreamt I was lost in an exotic city. Tuesday night I dreamt I was moving house. And last night I was in New York - city that never sleeps - and whizzing about doing all sorts of things. I do not wake up rested in the morning! And this morning I woke with a sore shoulder?! I don't know why.

I also woke up at 9.10am. So have spent the entire day on the back foot. Luckily I remembered just in time that I was catering morning tea for our team meeting. But pretty much I have spent the whole day rushing around and accomplishing very little. More coffee at this point seems like a ridiculous idea. My emails were down to 45 yesterday. Now they are back up to 75. *sobs*

Deep breath. Back to it.


Please to be reserving the evening of Friday February 27th for a birthday thing I am throwing for me. I'm still finalising pesky things like details but should be sending out more formalised invitations very soon.

I'm going to be 33 and am up for celebrating hard and seriously and am convinced this is absolutely the first year in several that the ex is definitely not ruining my birthday.

These shoes shall be coming out to play!



I've had to put in my contact lenses to wear to bed to read as I broke my spare glasses this evening getting into the shower - don't ask! My spare spare pair are so loose and wobbly that I was starting to feel seasick wearing them! Will *have* to run the errand to the optometrist tomorrow at lunch. Grr.