February 8th, 2009


Climate change

I've posted before how I first got interested in the environment and the Greenhouse Effect as it was called back in the early 90s. I was only 14 or 15 and the material I was reading was probably scientifically above my head but what I did take away with me is that what was being predicted was more extreme weather events and bushfires and extinctions.

Since then, I've done my own research on how wetlands function - that's my main expertise - and through studying particular case studies over decades of time, I've contributed to the scientific papers documenting changes in our environment.

On Friday I stopped past my parents to pick up some stuff and we were watching Sky News predict the extreme weather the eastern seaboard was to experience this weekend. I mentioned that parts of NSW would be the hottest places on Earth. My Dad then wanted to raise with me how climate change is not happening - that "people" have shown evidence that we've been in a cooling period for 30 years and that you know, the media have been reporting that it's not as all those other scientists say. And that the media now call it "climate change" and not "global warming" = which btw is for stupid people who get confused that global warming refers to the globe, as a whole, an average, which also allows for isolated places to get colder *at the same*.

As you know, that shit pisses me off. I have no issue with someone pulling out documentation and debating it but the quoting of someone quoting someone else who may or may not be reading one line out of context, pisses me off. And what I am left saying is ... well, what we do know is that this weekend we are experiencing extreme climate events, which is what climate change predicts. Use that evidence how you will.

Here's the thing, and it's the line I push at work. We are experiencing more extreme weather. What are we doing about it? What contingency plans are in place? What are we going to do if ...??? It's no longer good enough to sit and wait for the scientific papers to fine tune all the global modelling results to see if the ocean is going to rise by 20cms or 10m. Government needs to act responsibly and deal with contingency plans. Be prepared. Have plans ready to action in the case of ... For nearly 20 years scientists have been predicting that Australia will get more fire prone. Does it not make good sense to at least have plans in place, should that eventuality arise?

They are reporting 25 lives lost in Victoria this morning, including children, and that's 25 too many.

It's time we stand up and at least plan for worst case scenarios - in the worst case, we're overprepared for things that don't happen. And I'm good with that.


Watching Sunrise weekend where they have those stupid "experts" who commentate on news items - why? They ae usually B Grade celebrities who are ignorant and stupid. And one just blamed the fires on: All those Green policies. Once upon a time cattle were allowed to tramp around and keep that understorey down, she says.

*cough* yes. And then we had a little pesky problem called TOP SOIL EROSION which makes the ground INFERTILE FOR FARMING.

I need to not watch morning tv. It hollows my brain out.


Other things learned

Don't leave mobile phones near the bath when puppies are home.

Putting puppies out for a toilet run last thing at night and at 7 in the morning saves clean up duties.

Lack of sleep makes me irritable, clumsy, vague and over sensitive.

Plastic flower pots are the best toys eva!


The weekend


Scene of the crime:

This is the spot where my carpet that I bought in Istanbul and carried home, paying excess baggage to do so, used to lie. These are bits and pieces that used to be in the part of the carpet where there is now a hole.

At this point, 9am today, I gave up. Packed myself and the puppy up and went down to hide at editormum's. She had chocolate covered snakes and coffee. And I chatted through a bunch of stuff.

Then we worked on some New Ceres Nights decisions. We finalised cover art and internals - each story will be accompanied by an internal black and white piece. We also worked through the editing - which need final edits, which need rewrites. Who's coordinating which things. And a ton of publicity and marketing stuff. Felt good and felt like we moved the project along. I just need to feel committed to a font.

Picked up a spare mobile from my Mum on the way home and my SIM works! Yay. Thanks all for the help and support.



I am fully aware that some day soon my sister will be leaving me in charge of her offspring for the weekend and not just her dog.

I'm screwed!!!
I have officially given in! Doggy is not in the laundry sleeping. She is taking ice blocks out of her dog bowl which is in my ensuite bathroom and she is eating them on the carpet in my walk in robe. And she'll be sleeping in there too tonight. It's hot and I am not sure she didn't suffer from the one hour drive to and then from editormum's today. It was hot and she definitely felt too hot in the car on the way home. I just wanna keep an eye on her.

I made her go outside at 9.30. I'll make her go out again before I go to sleep. And then I'll cross my fingers.

Yeah. I'm a suck and I just want a good night's sleep.