February 10th, 2009



Just saw a broadcast at work that we are sending firies east.

I heard on the radio that the US was sending some too.

Hopefully the firefighters who have been fighting fires since the weekend will be able to take a break soon.


Deja Vu

Look! It's Tuesday! Loud work colleague is out in the field! Random other loud work colleague randomly in and working two offices down.


And I still have my headache from yesterday.



So the whole point of electronic material is you know, access is not location specific.

So why then is it so hard for Aussie indie press to get access to online fiction stores?

I have 15 titles too few to be able to get onto Fictionwise (you need 25 titles as far as I can tell).
I don't have a US bank account or business number so I can't use Kindle.

What's the point of being online and electronic if you're still US-centric?


ETA On the other hand, Mobipocket is based in France, has heard of the rest of the world and Paypal. Things are looking up.


Mental toughness

I think this year for me is about developing mental toughness - consolidating the progress I made last year, making that my foundation to ground me and then prepare me to face the world head on.

I can see myself doing that when I look at relationships or choices with relating to people. I'm now looking at them much more removed, as I would do if you asked me for advice in your life, and identifying situations that I deem mentally unhealthy for me. And then making steps to not walk further down paths that I can see from the outset will lead to unhappy endings. I now feel like I don't have the time to spend 6 months or more recovering from bad choices, particularly when I know they are bad from the beginning. That probably denotes the end of my self abuse stage in life. And that's nice to say. It becomes more a self preservation tactic: identifying scenarios that are likely to pull me under and then not proceeding further into them. Much like, oh say, swimming between the flags at the beach?

I see developing mental toughness as a way to survive in the world - as a way to become more involved but not get burned out, to offer sympathy and assistance and love without draining my energy and as a way to be more happy more of the time. I've been observing happy people versus unhappy people for a while now. And happy people don't actually have better lives. Bad things still happen to happy people - people they know still get sick and die, they still may have financial or work related issues. The difference though that I have observed is that happy people have a better attitude to life. And that seems like something that I could learn to have or develop. It seems like something I can control.

We joke at work that you need to have a mind like water - neither overreact nor underreact. It's a joke because it was a seminar we were at. But there's a lot to benefit from when you look at how you are reacting to something compared to what the proportionate response *should* be. Because when you notice that you are overreacting, you then become aware that you are giving something too much time or energy. The bit I am still working on from that point is ... to not. To not overreact or to not spend too much energy on something I cannot control or change or fix. Or worse, to not spend too much time and energy on things that do not matter at all.

At the moment, I am ragged. I was doing really well till I got sick. Now I am all out of whack. I managed to get back into the massage appointment cycle at work today and she said I look worried and that my body seems tired. True and true. I have a neck and headache and I am generally tired and worn out. And my mind is racing in scattered thought patterns. All of which mean ... I am in an unproductive state of being.

I am feeling down, perhaps as a result of any or all of the above and other people's negativity is impacting and impinging on me more than normal. Mental toughness doesn't mean that I can't care about or empathise with other people. But it does mean that I shouldn't take their problems and worries on board as my own.

I need sleep. That's an important one to work on. I need to drink more water, do more exercise, get more sunshine, and eat healthily. I need to take time out to meditate, say no to some obligations and have some personal time. And I need to love myself just a little more this week.

TV - The Biggest Loser

When did watching fat people get thin get uninteresting? Or rather, why have the producers decided to make this year a mash up of all the other reality shows? First there was the night time weigh ins which had a set just like Survivor. Now they are doing The Amazing Race Around. If they do Idol or So You think YOu can Dance next, I'm bailing.



Isn't that logo pretty? It's for Continuum 5 which if you haven't heard yet will be steampunk themed. I kinda half wish we had New Ceres Nights to launch at it but we will at least have it for sale there. And we'll have two other shiny new books to show off so that will be lots of fun.

Printing quotes are coming in for NCN and they are not heartattack-inducing. Yay!

And thanks to capnoblivious and bluetyson who pushed me to think outside the box, I think I have figured out how to get my 25 titles for Fictionwise. Gonna be a bit more work but I think it's actually pretty solid. Yay. I wish my brain worked like this earlier in the day. Would save me frustration.


Break my heart!

Link via krazykitkat.

It is very sad what is happening over east. The events will be forever marked on my memory. I will do what I can - send money and prayers to help those who need it - but it's feeling more and more perverse to be hanging out for death toll updates and voyeuristic to stare at photos of those who have perished. Filming people as they find out the worst, just to make news, is repugnant to me and so, I must turn it off, and not be the audience. Surely people deserve privacy for their grief? I don't need constant and close scrutiny in order to understand, sympathise and offer help.

But then I saw this photo over at krazykitkat's blog:

Taken from this article: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jVp5cEZx82iGqdb0H_R7uWxRu5TgD968LG9O0

I can't really think about how many animals were trapped and unable to escape. I know many people's pets perished and I can't think about how upsetting that must be - I can't think about what if that was our puppy.

I am going to also donate money to animal welfare groups in the area. I know how hard they work and how much of their own money they often put in to care for sick and injured animals. I can't bear to think about the poor animals. And how many other koalas must be walking slowly along the hot ground with burnt paws.

I hope they catch those arsonists. I hope they have to face this country. And I hope they get what they deserve.

But I should also say how proud I am of this country and the people who comprise it. How quick people are to offer help where they can and how quickly people unite as one. Australians don't think about it, they just jump in and help. It makes me proud to be Australian.