February 11th, 2009


More on publishing

Via Small Beer Press

Amazon Kindles are now offering the ability for text to speech on their ebooks which is a separate right bought and sold under copyright. At Twelfth Planet Press we are starting to negotiate audio rights in contracts but we don't necessarily always buy them and we haven't in the past. That means that we don't always own the audio rights to works we print. Which might mean that we can't sell text on Kindle if Kindle is going to then translate to audio.

That's just ... not right.


On being prepared

I've been blogging about how we need to look at what happened this last weekend and figure out how we can do better next time. This was not a freak isolated incident. Our country will get more and more fire prone, as it already has been becoming, and I for one will not accept "we were totally prepared" as enough. Because ... we can only be prepared for knowns, for what has gone before. I'm a bit of a contingency nut at work with the advice I give. My most common question in feedback is - what's your plan if it goes wrong? or your prediction is totally off base?

Here's this from the SMH regarding NSW:

In Queensland, radio stations play it regularly as a test cyclone warning. We haven't done it for fire mainly because we don't want people to panic and evacuate. We are now thinking we might need to get people used to it," he said.

So ... they haven't been regularly practicing safety procedures because they didn't want people to *panic*? Don't know about you but that's a bit crap to me. At work they test the fire sirens regularly and sometimes we do practice evacuations. People seem pretty ok with it being a test. And that one day it might come in handy.



So I've been giving a lot of thought to angriest's suggestion about serotonin levels being related to the Crohn's flare up. I ran it past both my counsellor and my massage therapist - getting the whole gamut of opinion - and they both gave it some credence. During the lowest lows this week, I grabbed a mars bar (twice) and both times it made a marked difference. I also had PMS earlier in the week and it's a full moon. All at once might explain both the issues with sleep, feeling tired, feeling down and feeling anxious. A lot has suddenly happened at work and I suddenly feel like I am drowning - or on a treadmill, running to stand still. And I have lower patience and tolerance for irritants right now.

So ... doing some research on serotonin and I have learned a lot. All of the above can be explained by low levels of serotonin. And this can happen as a result of GI stuff (as angriest pointed out). So ... fix the serotonin, right? The massage therapist suggested a few things for that - sunshine, nuts (eek!) and to look up for more foods. I'm also going to somewhere add some meditation to my day (when?). Anyway ... you also need tryptophan to raise the serotonin (trytophan is broken down to serotonin). And reducing the healthy fats in your diet (ooh say if you were set on losing 2kg each month) reduces your tryptophan intake and lowers your mood. Also - caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeter inhibit the conversion to serotonin. Also stopped a lot of exercise when I got sick ... that can lower one's mood.

SO the experiment. Interesting that I already halved my caffeine intake. I guess no alcohol for a while (jbaby77 - I shall have a mocktail tomorrow night!) . Foods to eat that I can eat to increase my levels - pineapple, nuts (apparently walnuts, maybe I might be able to like then?), prunes. And avocados (I already eat a decent amount of fish). And baked beans. Interestingly many of these foods were part of my diet and I have gotten slack. So ... is interesting. Also you need to eat a lot of protein - something that I always struggle to eat enough of.

I am eating pineapple now and am interested to see whether that affects tonight's sleep. I'll look at improving my diet in the next few days.