February 13th, 2009


Poking my head up to say

Tomorrow, the Moon is in the 'seventh house' and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Woot! This is the Daaawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquariiiiuus!

And ... last night I dreamed I was on a first date in Paris and I was buying shoes. Am still dreaming vividly. (And over the top)

Last night I hung out with two friends. We did pre dinner drinks and debrief, then indian in Northbridge and then we went to the Deen for a mission. I was a wingman! It's not often I get to be wingman on someone else's caper!!! The mission was a complete and utter failure. The house white was awful. I'm too old to go clubbing because I don't like being told to do stupid things by stupid beefed up bartenders with no brain in their head (you can't enter via this door, go stand in the queue for the door immediately adjacent where there is no line) and it was hot. And ... I'm too old to have patience for the meat market - all that hanging back and leering. Time is short!

Have this instead:



So, I hate unicorns. I think they're stupid and kitschy and infantile.

I just bought my first unicorn paraphernalia that I have ever owned in my whole life - unicorn earrings. And I blame petermball. Though I did buy them from the Victorian Bushfire Etsy Donation Drive.

They are for me to wear at his book launch at Natcon. And that's as unicornesque as I get.