February 15th, 2009



My brain is mush this morning.

All it can handle is the ABBA special on Video Hits and oddly I'm enjoying it.


Walking around in a stupor

I achieved very little of import this weekend. I do seem to have relaxed though.

Yesterday I was oddly productive for the second Saturday in a row. I finally admitted that borrowing books from the library is just not for me - I don't read in a linear fashion - and I returned all the books I still had. Then to the hair and beauty salon where my old hairdresser was randomly working. And a good long chat with the beautician - pretty funny but I get on really well with her. She always gives me some gold nugget of life advice.

Then off to meet A_ at fave cafe and then shopping. She was quite late and the only thing I had in my car for amusement was my taxes - go figure but I actually started working through them. Odd but true. Had a good catchup with A_ after she arrived. Even though we see each other everyday at work, we just don't get enough gossip time anymore. I'm sure once we get back into our gym routine that will change. Then we went through every shoe store in the Perth CBD and sorted some outfit issues she was having. Fave cafe could not supply second round of coffees as the barrista had gone home sick so we had juices and smoothies of the day at Country Road and also a nice tapas plate.

Today I slept in till nearly noon!!! That's a first in a long time for me. As such I have kinda wandered around in a bit of a daze. Have done very little of consequence though have started doing some proper tidying up in the house. I had hoped to get the study attacked today. I've done some today. It's a start. I also cleared out a lot of the spare room and that's looking more decent, in preparation for Swancon.

Now I am awaiting reality shows and thinking whether I trust myself to be awake enough to cut the borders for my kimono quilt - which I have finally finished piecing!