February 16th, 2009


Monday morning

Woke this morning to hear music in my outside patio - having some things done that I am unable to do myself, which yay - involves someone coming in and sorting out my lightbulb and dryer issues. I'm not even going to tell you how long I have not had a light that worked in my bathroom. (Vague hint: more than two months.)

And then got to work and was told I am glowing. Well? I might be at that.

And now, I have to finish the letter that is so late it's embarrassing.


Julie Bishop Quits as Shadow Treasurer

Yeah - I'm not remotely surprised. The giveaway for me was the bit where she confused how taxes work with the stimulus package. It was a bit embarrassing actually.

EMBATTLED Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop has quit as Opposition Treasury spokesperson after only four months in the job.

Ms Bishop said she will remain as the deputy Opposition leader and take over the foreign affairs portfolio.

Disquiet about Ms Bishop's failure to cut through on economic issues boiled over last week as some Opposition MPs campaigned for her removal.


She sucked in the Science and Education (as Minister), she's sucked in the Treasury so *now* they move her to Foreigh Affairs?

You know I just don't like Robot Woman. I hate everything that comes out of her mouth. And what annoys me is that I think she got this position (Deputy Leader) in order to balance out Gillard's. Gillard though, really is up to the job whilst I'm still yet to be impressed by anything Bishop says and does.


girliejones, Editor

Things are getting pretty fast-paced at TPP these days. Juggling is what I'm spending most days doing. Given our publishing schedule for 2009, I spose that's not really all that surprising.

We're starting to sign off parts of the first two books for 2009 and sending them to layout. I think I will start to feel better as the stories sent to layout increase and the number of stories left to agonise over ellipses and em dashes decrease.

But tonight I sent an acceptance out for Shiny 6/7 (we'll decide on what goes where when we've bought all of the stories) and it's been so long since I sent one out, I forgot what they look like. Doh!