February 19th, 2009


Hello world!

Still have pressing deadlines but they don't seem as bad as the one for yesterday - in terms of needing to be really and truly awesome on a deadline (what if I was having a bad hair day?!)

My horoscope for today is:

As the Sun moves into your sign, we hear no bells or trumpets. They did not interrupt last night's news broadcast to bring you the breaking story of this development in the zodiac. Starbucks won't give you a discount if you go in and tell them that you are a Piscean and Pisces' month has now begun. Nor will McDonald's. So it's not much use, really, is it? Then again, who needs cappuccino? And chips are too cheap anyway. There are, though, some very good things on their way to you now. You'll see some this very day.

And I can report that my month started yesterday!! I was so buzzing by sleep time last night that even though I was tired, I really didn't sleep well. My mind was whirring after yesterday. And on top of everything I blogged, we also got a copy of How to Ditch Your Fairy for review at ASif! (I always get excited when we get books in by people we know and love) and my unicorn earrings came (I am wearing them today to start easing myself into the unicorn love) and another little sketch arrived which I also bought in a Bushfire Appeal fund raiser.

So it's all good. And hopefully the pace will slow today so that I can pick up all the other things I dropped earlier this week. OMG I am behind in New Ceres Nights!! (ironically)


Swancon Update and a review!

Just wanted to say that the members of the Swancon Committee have been interested and receptive to the discussion here and over on the Swancon community lj on the Dealers Room at Swancon. They have been very open to suggestions and at this stage it looks likely that we may have found a solution. So that's a big YAY! and also a big thank you to the 2009 committee for their support.

Thanks also to those of you who have offered to help out - small press doesn't happen without volunteers willing to give of their time, money and muscles and I would like to thank all those out there who helped pack up and unpack small press books last year and let us stash our boxes overnight in their hotel rooms, including guests of honour. Without you and your chatting and laughs at 8am and 6pm I think I really would have cried. And also a big thank you to all those who support small press and buy our books at cons - each book that we can sell directly to a reader means 40% more cashflow per sale to small press budgets. Which means funding for the next book. It was really awesome to read the survey results and see how many people specifically come looking to buy small press books at cons.

There will be biscuits - so come find us at Swancon!

And now a review!!! Rich Horton has been summing up 2008, and Angel Rising gets a mention in his post on Chapbooks: I also quite enjoyed Dirk Flinthart's "Angel Rising", neat spyish adventure in the New Ceres shared world.