February 20th, 2009


Something different, something a bit crazy

I haven't been sleeping well. And I've been pretty shattered, mostly, walking through this week. My brain has been whirring along and I noticed that I have been speaking far too fast.

So last night, I did something totally out of character! I turned off my laptop before 9pm and knitted a sock in front of the TV. And then at 9.30, I turned off all the lights and just kicked back and watched that Addison show in the dark, chilling out.

It didn't so much help with the sleeping - still tossed and turned and had another nightmare (night before last there was a murderer, last night the colleague who annoys me ... annoyed me, in an office setting in my dream. She stuck her bum in my face in fact!) But I like to think that I relaxed just a tad before trying to sleep.

And today, at lunch, R at work says: Hmmm .. my mind went to a dirty place just then. And I blame you!

Heh! Yay.


Science Fiction Across Media Conference

Sorry for the closeness to abstract deadline but it just came across my virtual desk

Science Fiction across Media: Adaptation/Novelisation

28 to 30 May 2009
Leuven, Belgium

This conference invites scholars from different disciplines to contribute to the discussion on science-fiction adaptations and novelisations. Keynote speakers: Andrew M. Butler, Ian Hunter, Peter Verstraten, Peter Wright

Organized by: University of Leuven
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 27 February 2009


I know I am tired

but I am pretty sure my birthday is next Friday!

In the last two hours I have received a bday present from my Nana and a long distance happy bday text from an old friend. My birthday has always been 21 days after hers and I'm not sure why now, after 15 years, she's decided it should just be the 14.

I'm not sure I want the last week of my 32nd year to be hurried along. Might still have some things to get done on the to do list!

4 day week next week though and a 4 day long weekend for my birthday. Niiiice!


Dollhouse Episode 1

My turn!!

I tried to avoid spoilers all week across the internet so that I could watch it myself and make up my own mind. I didn't though, avoid various hints about the feminist reading of this show and of Joss Whedon so I must admit that did colour my viewing.

Collapse )

In summary: yep, I'll be back. Fox don't axe it yet!