February 21st, 2009



Scattered. Scattered. Scattered. That's me at the moment. And I hate that feeling - not actually achieving anything. Feeling unproductive, or worse being unproductive, sucks me into a downward spiral.

Scattered. Things started and unfinished - abandoned mid-thought or task. Grrr... So many of them. And they are grating on me today.

My task for the weekend is to finish what I start and I cannot move onto the next thing until I do so. And I'm going to list the tasks as I complete them here.

1. Proofed Seven Ages of Protagonist
2. Edited Hush
3. Full grocery shop (hopefully this will mean I eat better and more economically)
4. Cleaned out fridge
5. Made sushi
6. Cleaned up after making sushi
7. Sent Stone by Stone to layout (again)



The number one giveaway of how far along you are in your short story career is submitting your story without a cover letter at all (I know I mock them but don't send me an empty email) and no information about you or the story in the body of the short story itself.

Ahhhh ... slushing. What a way to spend a hot saturday night. Could my life *get* more exciting? Or my mouth more sarcastic?



I am sitting with a plate of homemade sushi on my lap and it just struck me how sexy a plate of sushi, with a little bowl of soy and some chopsticks on the side is.

This post brought to you by the letter R, the emotion tired, and the colour purple.