February 23rd, 2009


On timing

Timing is such a funny damned thing. It's the thing people are always telling me you gotta have but it's also the one thing you can't go out and just get.

This morning I was running late and I thought my friend at work had a 9.30 meeting so I wanted to get in with enough time to have a coffee with her. But for some reason, even though I left at about the same time, traffic was much worse than normal. I got lights I normally don't and it took extra time to get onto the freeway. And then, for the first time in the whole time I've been driving to work, I got stuck on the freeway heading south. It was really weird. We were at a standstill for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, I got to the bit in the jam where you find out what's the cause - and it was an accident, of course. Looked like 4 or 5 vehicles - including two trucks - and there was shit strewn across all four lanes and in both directions for about 15 metres. Not only did cars have to merge into fewer lanes to drive around the accident, but they had to go slowly because of items in the middle of the road.

And so I realised that had I not been running late, and traffic hadn't been heavier near my house, I might have been closer to that accident and even just being in the vicinity must have been frightening - flying stuff in all directions would have been very hazardous.

And then when I did get in, my friend's meeting was at 10am and I still got to have coffee with her.

Timing is everything.


What I did today tally

These seem to be helping me ... please feel free to ignore and carry on! Nothing to see here!

1. Edited Debutante
2. Sent more information to potential cover artist for Horn
3. Sent 2 reviews to subeditor
4. Updated Shiny Subs spreadsheet and looked at some new sub stats
5. Proofed First and Final Game
6. Cooked an eggplant curry
7. Edited Code Duello
8. Cleaned up kitchen
9. Edited Prosperine When it Sizzles
10. Sewed 3 hexagons