February 24th, 2009


stuff done for today

Why yes I am competing with myself across days ...

1. Sorted catering
2. Started a tab at the staff canteen (why'd I do that?)
3. Sent 5 Shiny rejections
4. Slushed 2 Shiny stories
5. Edited A Troublesome Day
6. Dragged my arse to the gym and did a cardio workout
7. Edited Tontine Mary
8. Line edited Fair Trade


no gmail

It seems to be intermittent - tried to grab a story to edit in the last up phase.

Might have to like, sew or something.



I watch that show Lie To Me cause I'm too lazy to change the channel.

They just showed a shot of Obama flipping the bird as a subconscious gesture. Heh.


Those ads with the biggest losers from last year's Biggest Loser really bother me. Are we supposed to believe that they only way they lost all that weight and then keep it off is by drinking some meal replacement for two of their three meals a day? Does that mean that you can never be thin and eat normally? I find those ads very upsetting and depressing.


Yes I watch a lot of shit TV when editing - so I don't have to may as much attention.