March 2nd, 2009


Adelaide Natcon

The website at has been updated. Regular updates will follow, scheduled for each Tuesday.

Membership fees will be a price rise of $20 for each membership category effective from after Easter. So if you are attending Swancon 2009 which will be held in Perth during the Easter holiday weekend, then that could be your last chance to join in person. Meanwhile you can use the Paypal facility on the website to join online (click on 'Membership').

The professional Guest of Honour is Jule Czerneda, a Canadian speculative fiction writer.

There are also some other events that look interesting and exciting, mentioned on the website.

Check it out.


Battlestar Galactica


So here's the thing about me: I'm a perfectionist. It's something that I work on trying not to be, every day. That whole - you can get something finished or you can do it perfectly but you cannot do both at the same time - thing.

Well, there's some things that I am a stickler for and watching BSG in order is one of them. I watched the miniseries and I think some of the first season when it first came out - from memory it was on on a Saturday night and so I could bail on the ex who was refereeing bball at the time and watch it in peace. Then they moved it around? Or they pulled it off air and then showed it in not a regular timeslot or on date night or something, I forget. Anyway, I didn't get far into the second season before I had missed episodes.

Fine, I thought, I'll just buy em on DVDs and watch them in splurges. The ex brought me Seasons 1 and 2 back one trip (like what? 2 years ago?) but not the miniseries. And um, if I'm gonna rewatch them, I want to start from the *beginning* damnit. And it's taken till now, thanks to mandysbitch to finally get my hands on the miniseries. So now I can begin. And then find out what y'all are on about on the good and the bad etc.

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Jumbled up head

Yesterday we went to see War of the Roses - lyzbeth, punkrocker1991, catundra, talmor, kathrynlinge and her boy. It took 10 hours to watch 8 Shakespearean plays, including a two hour break for dinner. It was very very very long. I went to see Cate Blanchette and it was worth it all. She was utterly brilliant as King Richard II. Just awesome to watch a truly talented actor act. The rest was less brilliant. I did enjoy the set design - gold gitter falling onto the stage for over an hour and then in the last part, grey paper for the winter of our discontent. Also! The boy dipped in honey (or maybe oil). I might have gotten distracted and fixated on this element.

But it was a very long time. And its was 8 plays.

We skipped out of the third part - the bit directly after dinner. Dinner was really delicious - Kathryn found a great Japanese place to eat and the food was really good. I had a vegetable bento and was sad I hadn't had one for so long. It was really delicious. We didn't get dessert there and some of us voted for dessert and against the 3 Henry VI plays. We made a nice foursome and had cocktails at Rydges (I had a French Martini! Yum! Good bar.) And we also had dessert - I had creme brulee. And came up with something that ... will be more about later.

Then the final part of the War of the Roses.

Needless to say, my brain is mush today. I have failed and bailed on a number of fronts. I feel bad. But I feel very very tired too. Bit burned out and it's far too early in the year for that. Calls for some silliness this evening methinks.

Is it too late to start working for the weekend?

What I have done/am doing today

1. Piked on a ton of arrangements today and did not get out of bed.
2. Booked slots in programmes at Conjecture (Horn) and Continuum 5 (Robot War Espresso, A Book of Endings) for book launches
3. Finalised the cover art for New Ceres Nights
4. Found myself a new, entirely too big project and helped throw ideas at it
5. Finished off a pair of socks
6. Slushed two Shiny stories
7. Booked tix to Melb for Continuum


Birthday weekend

It's the dying minutes of my birthday weekend and soon I shall get plunged into mid-week work chaos.

I had an AWESOME weekend! It was jampacked full and I needed today to recover from all the mayhem. I was determined my day would not be ruined and though some tried, it was not!

My day spa visit was utter heaven on Friday. After a delicious sleep in, I popped over to the day spa and had a 3.5 hour treatment - sea salt full body scrub for 30 minutes, 15 minute steam (was a little hot in there for me), 15 minute shower, one hour full body hot rock massage (including being massaged *with* the actual hot rocks as well as having them laid on my back and then front while other extremeties were tended to) and then one hour facial. Then a delightful snack with a glass of wine, cup of coffee and choc mousse for dessert.

Then back home to get ready for the drinks. My mum came over to put me into my dress - what use is a dress that you can only wear if a woman is there to put you *into* it (it's all very well that one needs to find someone to then help you get out of it - that bit is *much* easier!). Stupid dress. I wore my *new awesome* shoes - a photo was taken at the party. Will iconise later. Straightened my hair and even wore makeup. Lovely lift came and picked me up and we were early enough (after parking drama) to hang with kathrynlinge before they had to duck off to a concert.

kathrynlinge was there first and discovered that my organising catering at the Raffles entitled us to our own cordonned off section which I thought was most enjoyable. Didn't really get annoyed by other people or anything. There was FAR TOO much food. SERIOUSLY. And whilst there were groans of complaints about it, I totally catered for the number of people who came. So I can only conclude that Raffles way over catered, and I got good value for money. Even though people had to seriously pull their weight and may never eat pizza again.

Was lovely to catch up with everyone who came. I feel, as I always do when hosting, that I didn't get enough time with everyone. Flitted from group to group and conversation to conversation but I had a great time with all and I had too many pink drinks. Was saved in the end by two very good friends, whom I thank for sorting out what could have been aw-kward. Was far too drunk and giggly to both spot and then sort it myself.

Went to bed late. Got out of bed late. Shouted myself to my favourite breakfast at my favourite breakfast place but discovered my hangover, didn't finish my coffee and went home to go back to bed. jbaby77 and the Divine Ms B came over later in the evening and gave me an awesome present - a photo frame for which we spent the next hour trying to get a good photo of the three of us to put in it. It was too too funny! Love those two! And then jbaby77 and I went and grabbed some delicious Chinese for dinner. I was still hungover and faded a bit early I think for her - mostly I was probably dehyrated and tired, I only had 3 cosmopolitans. And I drank a glass of water before bed. I think I watched some BSG and went to bed earlyish.

Sunday I slept in again (note most "sleeping in" is to like just after 9am). Lolled around in bed till Russ and Liz picked me up for Shakespeare. See previous post for that. Came home 11pmish. Was chatting online to a friend till 2am and then slept in again today.

Today my mind was mush. I did not get out of bed today and I do not feel bad about that!

Hopefully I am recharged enough for work tomorrow. Not too many things outstanding, can't think of any impending deadlines that I should be starting to dread. So that's cool.

In summary, I had a really really great birthday. Thank you for all your messages and for those of you who came and hung out with me at some point over the weekend. And I look forward to catching up with those who had to raincheck. I felt very special and loved this weekend and I feel very happy and positive about the year ahead. All good things.