March 3rd, 2009


New Feature Column at ASif!

Mark Deniz has begun the mammoth task of episode commentary for the TV Show Lost over at ASif.

Check it out here, where the first four episodes of Season 1 are now up. Regular updates to follow.

I'm hoping he can just tell me what's in the damn hatch and how the hell they get off the island.


TPP Nights!

It's time for me to start pulling editing late nighters alas. I am *very* behind. Don't tell Tehani but I am very scared NCN is not going to meet the print deadline.

I am so in love with the cover art though for New Ceres Nights. It's so very pretty.

Press-wise, what have I done today?

1. Updated ASif! News
2. Published new feature column on ASif!
3. FINALLY got my emails under 100 for the first time in well over two weeks
4. Line edited "Debutante"
5. Line edited "Code Duello"
6. Line edited "The Widow's Seven Candles"
7. Updated Shiny cashflow sheets and emailed out recent subscriptions
8. Slushed one Shiny submission
9. Edited "Dynamics of New Ceres"

(Seriously someone (related to International Cricket) on the news just said "they" never thought that in Asia that kind of terrorist attack would happen because "even though they are terrorists, they still love their cricket". I do not make this shit up!)