March 5th, 2009


Nothing good about this story

A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl who was carrying twins, allegedly after being raped by her stepfather, underwent an abortion today despite complaints from Brazil's Roman Catholic church.,27574,25141510-401,00.html

This poor, poor child. Failed by all the adults around her. Raped by her stepfather, I believe for several years and given small coinage after each encounter. Her body too young and little to carry twins to term - she's 9 years old. She's 36kg. I can't imagine the emotional trauma she must be going through after all that has happened to her in her short life.

I wish her only all good things from here on out.

Drug Bin First

A DRUG disposal bin will be trialled at the Rock-It music festival this weekend in what police believe is an Australian first.

The move follows the death of 17-year-old Perth girl Gemma Thoms, who died after taking three ecstasy pills before the Big Day Out in Perth on February 2.

Ms Thoms' friends said she swallowed the pills before entering the festival gates for fear of being caught by police.,27574,25142415-2761,00.html

I'm going to be at the Rock-It Festival this weekend so I will be interested to have a look at the disposal bin and see how it works out. My thoughts are mixed - it's a good idea, I think, and is a gesture towards the "we really just want to look out for you" variety of policing. However my gut feeling is, I would think if you've paid for your drugs you're still more likely to swallow them all in one go than forego them entirely. But then, I've never been in the situation and am now too old and grumpy (will there be seats? Too big queues for toilets? non-Coke drinks on sale? Will I be able to see?) to probably be going to such concerts anyway these days.


Out of steam

Last night I made sushi and then I sat down to edit 4 New Ceres Nights stories. I got halfway through the first and realised I was very very tired and decided to go to bed (it was 10.30). That process takes another hour but I was definitely lights out by 11.30.

I'm trialling an eye mask for sleeping which serves two purposes - 1. It adds a level of glamour to my sleeping time (which noone sees but me but anyway) and 2. The cutting out of all light in your sleep area is supposed to reset your body clock and help you sleep. So far I think I've slept ok - 3 nights so far - but how would I know? I can't check the clock! At least it makes me fall back asleep quickly, I think. But I don't recall if I am sleeping less wakefully.

Anyhoo. I still feel tired today. Very sleepy since lunch. And my New Ceres Nights editing list now stands at 6 stories - they multiply while I sleep.

I have to drag my arse to training at 6pm, figure out what is for dinner and then hopefully get back into the editing. Starting to feel the length of my working day.

AND I have to do my taxes. Which is horrible cause - I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Taxes mean horrible numbers glaring at you from the debit column. And big negative numbers in the tally cell. :(


I'm sorry?

I'm watching Private Practice and Addison just told her new love interest that she's waiting ... til it feels right ... to have sex. She's like what? 45 in the show? And she's doing the whole "let's wait" thing like she's 18. I'm having trouble suspending my disbelief.

You know what I reckon would make a good show? A show with an ensemble cast of adults who don't behave like dysfunctional children.