March 7th, 2009



Who watches the watchers?

Last night I went to see The Watchmen. It was long - I wasn't prepared for that and definitely felt the last bit lagged a bit.

Also, it was very violent - I had read that in a few reviews so I was expecting it but it was still quite graphic and confronting and I had to look away a few times.

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Overall, I enjoyed it.

Gmail help

Yesterday, my gmail beeped at me when someone opened a chat with me and I was in a different window. Last night, Mozilla updated itself and today it beeps no more. Has this happened to you? How do I fix?



This thing that happened

I went to see The Watchmen last night as I said. We were buying the tix online and my friend told me to write the code that we would need to collect our tickets on my hand. Actually what he said was, "Tattoo it on your hand".

I wrote it on my hand but vaguely deliberated writing on a piece of paper. See, it's against my religion to mark my skin - both via tattoos and also by writing on yourself. And in my family, we just didn't write on ourselves. It was ... discouraged.

I wrote it on a high part of my left hand, above my thumb, cause I was going to the toilet before I left and I would wash my hands. And then I ran out the door cause I was cutting it fine for the movie.

As I was driving along, the streetlight caught my hand at an angle and the numbers flashed at me. And it occurred to me that, actually that looked exactly like one of the ways people were tattooed in the Nazi Concentration Camps - both where I had written it and the fact that what I had written was a series of numbers.

It was quite an uncomfortable drive for the rest of the way because I wanted to get rid of it but I had to wait till we had redeemed our tickets. As soon as we had though, the numbers were gone.

Note to self - next time write it in on a *piece of paper*!



I had a lazy day today. A_ cancelled on me for brunch this morning but I didn't get the message till I was up and showered and dressed and ready to go. So I went anyway and had a quiet, lazy coffee and breakfast. I took a book but ended up thinking about a lot of things and decided it's time I go back to my List System that involves Red Ticks. It's served me well in times of chaos and I am hoping it will help again. I've thus set myself 13 ridiculous tasks to achieve by next weekend, including sending New Ceres Nights to layout, in its entirety. Ahem.

Then I returned home to hunt, I mean locate, the tickets for RockIt tomorrow which I may have lost, or rather, hid in a very safe place so they wouldn't be stolen. This involved sorting through the massive piles of papers on my desk, which also located three unbanked cheques, two overdue bills and forced me to do a ton of filing and start a system for tax receipts (yay!). And I found the tickets (phew!).

editormum arrived and we headed off for coffee, bookshopping and then more coffee with jonathanstrahan. I bought a nonfiction book at Planet on the female Jewish prophets - turns out there were twice as many as I thought (Devorah is my favourite) and I'm interested to know why not all of them were worth covering in the 12 years of Jewish History classes I took at school.

Me: I need this book!
T: Nonfiction? Kabbalah? Really?
Me: Yeah, I'm interested in the feminist angle. It's a theme I have going on at the moment.
T: I noticed.

I also found this amusing book called "Huge Penis" or something ... a helpful how to book for men with such problems. I flicked through it out of mild curiosity and discovered this hilarious "fact" - did you know that the Nazis preferred men of the less endowed by nature? Can you imagine if the Aryan breeding thing had been successful?! Heh. Tall, athletic blond men but with small penises?! I kinda really love that idea. However the actual fact was ... apparently Hitler had a small penis - as in, fully erect it stood at 1 inch though according to the book that wasn't very often. J wondered who provided this information and how it was verified. But I am kinda thinking I might go through life with this as fact and see how old film footage goes now that I am imagining what he doesn't have in his pants. I then got in trouble for asking if the reason J was surprised that a particular book was better than he was expecting was because the book was on the small side. *Apparently* it's *not* the size that counts. Ahem.

And then later, home to procrastinate on editing. Indeed. I'd be doing that now too. Though one more story about to be signed off and sent to layout and I have my eyes on another one that I think I can get done before bed.

Tomorrow I am off to Rock-It with jbaby77. These'd be the tix that were someone else's bday present that they didn't get. I bought them for the Kings of Leon and have later become excited because the line up is pretty awesome. We plan to get there in time for Faker and then after that the lineup is Birds of Tokyo, The Music, The Fratellis and Kings of Leon. Should be a good day, if a bit long for this tired bag of bones.

I need to schedule a couple of days of downtime with lots of sleeping at some point. Maybe after New Ceres Nights goes to print.