March 8th, 2009



So .. three NCN stories at (and out of) layout. 10 to go.

I'm starting to imagine really getting all my 13 tasks for the week done! It would be *awesome*

Here's a bunch of signs I reckon tell me I am starting to get old:

1. I no longer own appropriate music festival attire
2. And I don't care.
3. I actually remembered and packed sunscreen
4. And a hat
5. I am actually taking my own backpack and not throwing three items into someone else's
6. I did a specific food shop run for snacks for the day
7. I considered a banana to be a wholesome, high energy snack in great packaging, and packed one.
8. and will probably eat it
9. And catered not only for my own OCD issues but packed lollies to share with the others (that's so a Mum thing to do)
10. I packed a jumper in case it gets cold later