March 10th, 2009


Kaaron Warren!!!!!!!

Angry Robot Books have launched their new website: and have all sorts of exciting new projects on the way.

One such book I am looking forward to is Kaaron Warren's Slights out in July!

Slights is Kaaron’s first novel, the first of three jaw-dropping books to be published by Angry Robot. Her award-winning short fiction has appeared in Year’s Best Horror & Fantasy, the Poe and Hidden Legends anthologies, Fantasy magazine, Paper Cities, and many other venues in Australia, Europe and the US. Her short story “A Positive” has been made into a short film called Patience, and her first ever published short story “White Bed” was dramatised for the stage in Australia.

One of my favourite memories of World Fantasy Con 2007 was wandering off for an early breakfast with Kaaron. We found this lovely little place down the street from the convention centre and had bagels and coffee (heh - I love how they make "coffee" in places like that! It's all like in thermoses getting overstewed. Not fresh. Not really that nice unless you add caramel or some such). Anyway, Kaaron sat and told me about one of the novels she was writing. And her hopes and goals as a writer. And I sat there listening and hoping I'd get to read the book she was telling me about because it sounded so intricate and deep and clever. And I really wanted to know how it ended! It's not Slights so I am looking forward to both reading her first novel as well as the other two that are forthcoming from Angry Robot.

Congratulations Kaaron!


I STILL have a headache. Maybe it's a new headache? I can't tell. I've been on painkillers since Friday which is so not going to help my Crohn's Disease.

ARGH! I'm almost certain it's *not* stress but dehydration. But it takes days to fix dehydration (longer I spose to fix stress hence picking the latter).


Had to go to bed last night without editing anything cause the words were moving in front of me. Had to skip pilates class today cause I feel slightly nauseus from the headache.

I *so* don't need this right now! Need to toughen up!


Swancon 2009!

In other news:

Have a look out for the Twelfth Planet Press table at Swancon. It looks like we shall be set up all weekend long on the first floor. We will also be trading on Market Day.

New Ceres Nights will have a glittering launch at 5pm on Saturday just prior to the Masquerade. Come along. We are hoping to put on a bit of a show.

I'm also going to be on two panels talking about editory type things with Cat and Jonathan and also talking over highlights of our 2008 reading.

Should be fun.


Over the line and far away...

This morning I was walking from our building to the canteen to get milk for the fridge. I could hear footsteps behind me and a quick check over my shoulder told me an older man was following me down the path. I don't like people walking behind me so I sort of moved over to the side and probably slowed down so that he would overtake me. As he did so, he said to me "you have beautiful black hair, it shines in the sun so beautifully" or something along those lines. I replied, "Thank you very much" and pretended that was a nice compliment cause I guess older men think that is? But actually it made me feel sexualised in a way that I did not appreciate. He was walking behind me admiring my hair? I dunno, it felt creepy. Which is funny cause in different circumstances, or maybe different males, that would have been ok to say? Some men admire things about me and it doesn't feel creepy and sexualised. Others are allowed to make it sexualised due to our relationship. This ... just felt wrong.

Possibly also I felt sensitive to it because I'd had a violent, upsetting nightmare last night - Collapse )

I did not eat cheese before bed. I did though eat something sugary and chocolate related.

After these two things, I offer this news story. And suggest that the world has gone mad. We will raise children in a world free of all touch, so much do we live in fear of "bad touch" and we will not be teaching them how to discern the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. What's more we will raise more and more children into adults uncomfortable with physical interaction - that can't be good? Surely?,27574,25165196-1243,00.html
Lollipop man Charlie Cremona has been a happy face welcoming the children of Deer Park North Primary School in Melbourne's west for the past 18 years.

After standing in the sun, rain and wind twice daily for all those years, he was stunned when told recently he must stop “high-fiving” students and parents on his Hovell St crossing, the Brimbank Leader reports.

Brimbank General Manager of City Development Peter Collina confirmed the ban was in response to a parent’s complaint about “a number of concerns, including that of physical contact with the children”.