March 11th, 2009


ASif! Currently inaccessible

Not entirely sure why but looks like it might have a viral thing going on. Perhaps it has my headache?

In lieu, today's news posted here:

Realms of Fantasy has been bought by Tir Na Nog Press who plan to have the first issue out in May. Shawna McCarthy and Doug Cohen remain in their current capacities as editor and slush reader.


My Chinese Horoscope for today:
You may have a minor problem with your health, possibly suffering from a tension headache. You probably need to regularly do exercise that helps calm your mind and spirit as well as toning the body. It is a good day for socializing and friendship. You might want to get dressed up in your most stylish clothes, go first class, and meet with friends to do the town together.

With this tension headache? I just want to get undressed and go to bed!!

Had another disturbing dream last night. Possibly finishing my day with an episode of BSG is a bad idea. Collapse )

This dream is about hopes I need to let go and move on from, huh?

I need to stop watching BSG right before bed too.

I am being stupid this week. I wrote that list of 13 things I want to get done this week. One of them was to lose 1kg and I itemised how to do that with a series of exercise sessions. I am getting home late. Getting into bed tired. And then trying to get NCN to layout by the end of the week. If I pull off completing the 13 items this week, it will be awesome. But I think I am also going to be very tired for the weekend. I don't have much on but what I do have on, I want to be perky for.

it goes on

So far I think I have spent 5 or 6 hours just sorting out receipts. I haven't even begun to actually get into the taxes part of this task. I have discovered that in fact I have not been sorting receipts since 2004. Just been tossing them into a corner of my study. Waiting for some kind of system to take shape. Then fearing said pile and not going near it to devise a system. In 2006, I did in fact start keeping ASif! postage receipts in one place. But not with any real care so I still have to sort through everything for the rest of them.

I estimate I have another 2 hours of receipt sorting to go before I can actually ... start.

I've tossed away a fair whack of useless bits of paper and aim to have another more thorough cull in the next round. The next round is a bit scary cause it's a multipronged attack to a) submit my 2007/2008 taxes b) forensically audit TPP and construct the financial spreadsheets and a system for moving forward into the future so as not to have to do this EVER again and c) figuring out my own personal spending breakdown over at least last year to compare to this year, which means admitting how much money I spend on coffee and stuff.

It's all good. Pain is good. Right? I can handle the truth. On a good day. I just ... hate the word budget.

In other news, New Ceres Nights is taking shape. Stories have been laid out and we are doing the final final final proof on those. It looks like a real BOOK! Which is pretty exciting!

Many more miles to go before I sleep ...