March 22nd, 2009



I love authors who give quick turnarounds on edits and line proofs.


She is done.

Down to final proofing, tinkering, fitting it into our page count, adding things like blurbs and stuff. But the book herself is done.


Burning in Tax Hell

OK. I have just this second finished the spreadsheet for TPP Taxes for 2007/2008.

Sadly, this is nowhere near the frigging end. I still have to reconcile a bunch of stuff and itemise out all the TPP projects. Whoever thought micropayments was a good idea?! And why do I never write details on cheque butts? And who owes who what in which account?

The whole thing is doing my head in. It hurts a lot.

I'm determined to do 2008/2009 now, whilst I'm still thinking taxey thoughts and when I am soon surely numb from the pain. It should mean that my study then will be totally tidy and that I won't have this pain next year.

I know one of my Numbers now. There's a second one that I will know soon. The first Number is not too scary (it's only post ASif, NC, 2012 and the first 3 issues of Shiny). I was at the parental unit earlier today and it was post going three rounds with the spreadsheet and fucking it up. Needed a break - went and had coffee with Jonathan which helped and I did come back and finish the immediate work that was needed - and had this conversation with them:

Me: It's not done but I kinda know my Number. Give or take a couple hundred dollars. It's X!
They both stare at me, a little shocked.
Dad: What do you mean? Where did you get that kind of money? Where did it come from?
Me: What do you mean? It came from me. Where else would it come from? I'm happy with that number.
Dad: But ... for one year?
Mum: You don't even earn that kind of money.
*why are they looking at me so funny?*
Me: I do so make more money than that.
Mum: Yes but if you put that into Twelfth Planet Press last year, we'll have to put you in hospital.
Me: ... oh!!!! ... no X hundred, not thousand! No wonder you were looking at me like that!

Heee! Was trying to figure out how much crack and whores I would have needed to buy and charge to the company account.

Anyway. It's not the final number since we've done NCN and have a bunch of other commitments since then. But ... it feels good I spose to look at it. The deal with TPP is ... I'm not propping it up any more. So ... if it doesn't do well, it's done. Which is why there isn't a schedule post Worldcon 2010 for now.

Anyway, I am determined to finish this and for it to not break me :) I know that if I don't finish this (sorting the receipts etc for next financial year too) I'll not look at it again for another year. And I will be back here same time same channel next year in the same pain :) I reckon it's gonna take another full week *sigh*.


The ex now has a TV commercial, I see ... that's not something you wanna see in your chill out time on a Sunday night.

(Ugh ... time to abandon the books for tonight. No sense or logic left to this gig and nothing makes remote sense anymore)