March 23rd, 2009



Slept horribly last night. Feel wretched this morning.

Gave up on the taxes at about 10.30 - had worked myself up into a right state of confusion over how best to construct the three spreadsheets I reckon I need to keep track of all this information better in the future. Decided it was time to put it down. Turned off the computer, went to go to sleep, then had a brainwave on actually the best way and then ... brain refused to switch off. I watched two episodes of BSG. This still didn't help.

And when I finally did get to sleep, I dreamed of an angry poltergeist who kept dragging the couch I was sitting on across the room and slamming it up against a door that I most very definitely didn't want to open. (Yes, I had cheese on my pasta at dinner).

And now it's Monday.


I'm not sure I ever forget - not even pulling that last late night to get NCN editing done - but just in case ... I do this crazy shit because I LOVE it and because it's FUN.

I love reading new works before anyone else does, and making my own opinion. I love collaborating with both other editors and writers and artists. I love bouncing ideas and working back and forth. I love the creative energy. I love the one upmanship with each other. I love a good team that works well.

I'm getting a Biancotti story ready to send to layout and it's really a revolting piece. It turns my stomach every time I read it. And I'm just hopefully doing the final final accept all changes etc and sending it to layout. And I'm kinda getting grossed out even though I'm not reading it very carefully - and inside, Deb has put a comment teasing me that just made me laugh aloud. And I realised, not for the first time, how much fun this project is.

And really ... that's kinda how it is at TPP most of the time. And so, when I look like I'm ridiculously overcommitted with a gazillion projects and whatever, you should know, that I am having the *best* time ever!!! And wouldn't change it for the world.

Also, it helps me meet the coolest people in the world. Life is good. :)