March 29th, 2009



Having a beagle come investigate random late night house noises gives the exercise a level of airport security authority.

You just *know* any imported fruits will be reported and disposed of.


Hindsight - it's all 20-20, eh?!

You know, if only I'd known how this weekend was gonna shape up, I would have been far less of a stresshead on Friday.

I was one day away from NCN going to the printer's (T says we might have them by Friday!)
I got excellent parking in the city for the movie
I had a really great night sleep
There was enough food on Friday night
The dog did not pee in the house and behaved in my bedroom at night time
It took only half a morning to halve my email inbox
Financial audit is progressing - spreadsheets system is set up and working
Manuscript assessment is progressing
House is getting tidier
I didn't forget how to slush :)
Had time to chill out and craft