March 30th, 2009


The weekend was

How is it Monday and nearly lunchtime already?

Yesterday was a lovely day - my house was filled with kids and dogs and people coming in and out all day. The dining room table has had a lovely workout with a dinner party on the Friday and as a working desk all on the same weekend. Must be tired, poor table.

I threw people out of my house yesterday evening - though a bit early as I hadn't changed my mobile phone clock back but that worked out well cause I only just made it to the cinema with a little time to spare for "l'heure d'ete" which was my French Film for yesterday. Lovely and thoughtprovoking with Juliette Binoche in it. I discovered that I haven't actually been to Musee de l'Orsay. I vaguely now remember being grumpy that it and the Pompadour were closed the week I was in Paris. But I went to the l'Orangerie instead to make up for it and the Rodin Museum. Means there's still lots to see!

The film also had a lot to say about families and history and living memory. It was really lovely. And then I had dinner with my uncle, who I'd been to see the film with. He's off to Paris in 5 weeks for Study Leave and so has been brushing up on his French. Lucky bastard.

And then I did this crazy thing when I got home, that I've never done before. I did not turn on the laptop before bed! Crazy, eh! Hopped in, watched an episode of BSG and went to sleep and left it all for another day!

I wish it would just rain though today. It's muggy and gloomy.
new ceres nights

Aliette de Bodard

Mary Robinette Kowal, last year's John W Campbell Award winner, is interviewing this year's nominees on her blog. Today she interviews Aliette de Bodard

We're pretty excited to be including "Murder in Laochan" by Aliette de Bodard in New Ceres Nights. It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of writing that takes us to New Dragon where 18th Century China is vibrant and full of New Ceresian political scheming.

You can read how she came to write "Murder in Laochan" here and you can also navigate round her site and take in a lot of free fiction which she's popped up there ... should you be in an Anticiption Voting type of mind :)


Unexpected outcome

So I'm working through a huge backlog of white noise in the periphery of my life - stuff that grates on me to do, that I don't get around to doing. You know the stuff where you're on your way to get a cuppa at like 9.30 at night and you walk past a pile of stuff on the floor or on a counter or whatever and you think "I need to sort that" or "I need to put that away" or "I need to post that" or "I need to edit that" or whatever but it starts with "I need" or "I should" and you don't. I'm experimenting with actioning these to see what happens after I have. Eventually, to see what it's like to live in a house and a life where there's minimal "white noise of fail".

For my birthday, my Nana gives me money and tells me not to spend it all in one place. I usually do though - aren't bigger things better? :P I usually try to buy something that is meaningful or significant in any case. This year I found this gorgeous vase - it's round like a ball, and handblown glass in dusty purple. And when I bought it I thought, "Oh I would love for that to be in my bedroom" and then had vague ideas of boudoir-ing up my bedroom. Or, making the space warmer, filled more with art and objets that I love and that more reflect me.

And then I left the vase in the box and bag it came in on the front hall table for like ... well a month?

So yesterday I finally thought I'd get round to making a start on this. And I cleared a bit of space on my dressing table by moving a tall Japanese jewellery box, that I love, and moving into the walk in robe. Space cleared and the vase in place and OMG that makes such a huge change! My heart soars when I look at this beautiful vase and I really like the change in the use of space in that area of my room - I didn't realise how much the other piece was impinging or encroaching. It's a beautiful box and totally goes with my Japanese phase (which I am kinda still having) and that's why I hadn't moved it. But gosh I enjoy that area of the room so much more now. It's weird.

And reinforces the removal of white noise. Shall tackle something else tonight I think and carry forward the momentum.


In case you were wondering, am still commenting back and forth with the cousin about global warming in his FB status comments.

He suggested I read a book by someone who reckons its too late to do anything. I figure that means I WON since, there has to be something about which it is to late to do something about in the first place. :)

He also told me that the market can sort out any economic problem better than Govt and thinks I'm funny to think otherwise.

Ahh ... good times. What's that about rolling with pigs in mud, again? I keep forgetting :)


New Coke Ad

Seen it twice now. Coke Zero - if you drink it whilst breaking up with your girlfriend, she'll tell you that you shouldn't have to settle for one woman, a bunch of pole dancers will come out and wipe their crotches in your face and your ex gf will tell you to call her "when you just want to have some fun".

If I didn't already not drink Coke, I'd stop drinking it.


the pain it does not end

So remember Receipt Mountain? Remember how I did my taxes? Well that only sorted out the receipts that were tax deductible. I had to sort the mountain into financial years and then pull out the receipts for 07/08 tax.

Now I am working my way through the rest. I dunno why. It's the system. I'm culling as I go and then sorting and filing. And breaking down my spending into categories for future general budgetting purposes. I started with 2007 cause I thought that was where TPP started. Yeah, it wasn't. I love how I have no idea of the history of my press. Goes hand in hand with not having a financial records system I spose.

Anyway, I'm in Oct/Nov 2007. So I've been trudging through the receipts of the final year of my relationship with the ex. Which has been a little bit more painful than I'd like to admit - maybe just wistful? Or seeing purchases I made and knowing why and knowing how it ended up - kinda like reading the book but having already read the end. Like ... oh yeah, that couples dinner? That didn't fix things. That last holiday at Rottnest? Also? ... no!

And now I am at the WFC and London trip which has good and bad memories. Good for all the coffee receipts at Starbucks where Cat and Rob and I had fun. Bad for the ... well, knowing this was the end of my relationship bit. Like at the time, he wasn't returning texts and emails ... and I am lots of things but stupid ain't one of em. Writing was on the wall from WFC and I could read it pretty clearly.

So this has kinda sucked a bit.

On the other hand, the rest of receipt mountain should suck less. And I am getting closer to having spreadsheeted ALL of TPP financial records. So I'll never have to do this again. And I should avoid further tax pain. And I should know all financial information about my press. Which will be good. Pain now. Reward later.

ETA: And there was the day I visited Oxford and cried the whole time cause we broke up. Thank goodness this (receipts) is now done.